Verdify secures €2.4M to transform personalized Nutrition and Sustainable Eating

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Verdify secures €2.4M to revolutionize personalized Nutrition and Sustainable Eating
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Limburg-based Verdify, a trailblazer in the foodtech sector, has successfully raised €2.4M in a new funding round. This round saw contributions from existing and new investors, including Goeie Grutten Impact Fund, Oost NL, Koppert Cress, and De Smaakmaker, aiming to scale its personalized nutrition innovation for both human and planetary health.

Verdify’s mission is to simplify healthy and sustainable eating, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Founded in 2020 by Jochem Bossenbroek and Sandrin Bergheanu, the startup is at the forefront of linking diet to health risks and providing innovative software solutions for personalized meal inspiration. Through its platform, the dutch firm is setting a new standard in making default food choices both healthy and sustainable.


Addressing Health and Climate Impact

Gijs Engelen from Goeie Grutten highlighted Verdify’s role in empowering consumers to make conscious choices for healthier nutrition and its crucial support for patients during treatment and recovery. The impact of the startup on health and climate is substantial, marking a significant step towards its continued growth.

Innovations in Healthcare and Retail

Verdify is also testing its NooryMed app, a collaboration with Roche for breast cancer treatment, showcasing its ability to craft personalized meal plans for patients. Additionally, Verdify’s retail technology, live on 40 recipe websites, encourages sustainable food choices, advocating for plant-based alternatives to reduce meat consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Utilizing Capital for Global Expansion

The funding will enable the company to expand the NooryMed platform globally, treating conditions like breast cancer and obesity, and to integrate with 100 more recipe websites. This expansion is part of their broader mission to revolutionize how individuals approach meal planning and nutrition.


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