More Trust & Customer Inquiries Through Media Articles

We bring startups, founders, influencers, coaches and consultants into the press - For more visibility and a distinctive expert status.

What are the benefits for you and your company?

You & Your Company in the media

We put your face and story on the biggest news platforms worldwide

Leverage our network of Investors, CEO’s, Founders, Influencers, Consultants and our contacts in the press and media landscape of the world’s largest news platforms to publish articles, portraits and interviews that introduce you and your brand message to a broad audience.

Increase the Trust of your Prospects

Why do so many startups, founders, coaches, consultants and trainers find it so easy to attract new customers and drive their business forward, while other self-employed people and entrepreneurs have great difficulty increasing their sales? 

The difference lies in the confidence of the prospects. In most cases, it depends a lot on how much the customer trusts you and what arguments they use to justify a purchase. But how can you increase the trust of your target audience?

One of the best ways to create more trust among your prospects, but also among potential employees, is to appear in well-known trade and popular media. If you are present there with your company and your expertise, people in your target group will trust you significantly more and more easily become happy customers.

Your company without articles in the media
Your company with media presence

We have already helped numerous founders, startups, influencers, investors, coaches, consultants, trainers and experts to position themselves correctly and thereby gain more customers and increase their sales. Contact us now for a free initial consultation to find out if we can help you do the same.

Our Clients

Increase the Trust of your Prospects

3 reasons why your prospects will NOT become customers

The result: Your prospects choose another provider because they don’t build trust with you and don’t recognize you for the expert you are.

More Inquiries through Press Articles

Think about it, how does a potential customer get to you?
Through media presence you increase the trust of your customers and receive more inquiries.

1. Prospective customers research your company and inform themselves before contacting you.

2. If the prospects find positive articles about you in the media, it strengthens their confidence.

3. If the prospects are convinced of your expertise, they will become customers.

If you are present with professional articles in the media that your target group consumes, you will receive more inquiries. 
Yet you’ll need to do less objection handling because these prospects are already convinced about you.

Contact us now for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help you get in the press and increase your customers’ trust.

How does a collaboration work?

What are the advantages for your company of working together with FoundersToday?
In our 3-step process, we work out a joint strategy to place you in the media and thus help you get more customer inquiries.

1) We write an article about your business or you can provide us your own. The article will talk about your business and what you have to offer.

2) We send your article to our wide network of news sites. Your article gets published to 200+ news sites

3) Once your article is published, we'll send you proof of the article being live on 100+ news sites. You can now use the logos of the big companies you've been featured on proudly in your site or on the front cover of your new book.

Get in Touch with us

How can you request cooperation? Due to the high demand, it is unfortunately not possible for us to commit to every applicant. For this reason, you will go through the following steps to qualify for a collaboration:

1) Application

The first step is to secure a spot for a free initial consultation so we can get to know you and your business.

2) Potential Analysis

In the second step, we find out together whether your company has the potential to get into the media.

3) Strategy

In the third step, we discuss how we can ideally place your offer and your company in the media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Press relations are worthwhile for all entrepreneurs who want to become more visible in their target group and strengthen their prospects’ trust in themselves and their company. This will turn your prospects into customers and allow you to justify higher prices and increase your sales.

Yes, the initial consultation is completely free of charge and without obligation. Many of our prospective customers cannot imagine how a cooperation with a PR agency looks like and which advantages press work has concretely for them and their enterprise. To clarify these questions, we offer the free initial consultation in advance.

In the initial meeting, we clarify together what kind of company you are and what your offer is. Based on this information, we will give you an initial assessment of the extent to which press relations will help you and show you a strategy to get you into the media.

Fox News, MarketWatch, USA Today, Digital Journal and over 200+ News Sites.

The article needs to be in a Press Release Format
• It must be between 350-500 words
• The headline must summarize the article in a single line and it should include the brand name
• The writer must use a professional tone without exaggeration or hype
• It must be neutral and informational (not like a sales pitch)
• It must be written as a third party without personal pronouns like ”we” or ”you”
• Articles may include 1 link
• It may include 1 image for every 250 words
• It must be written in English

If it’s written as a blog post or a sales pitch, the article will be rejected automatically.

We can not accept articles about CBD, supplements, marijuana, guns, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, legal cases, negative press, loans, multi-level marketing, dating sites etc. 

You can pay via credit card or Paypal. Credit card information is verified and secured by Stripe.

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