VivArt-X from Netherlands secures €660K Funding for enhancing Women’s Health after Breast-Conservation Surgery

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VivArt-X from Netherlands secures €660K Funding for enhancing Women's Health after Breast-Conservation Surgery
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VivArt-X, a startup based in Eindhoven dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for women post-breast-conservation surgery, has raised €660K in pre-seed financing. This investment will further the development of their biodegradable biomaterial designed for human tissue regeneration.

Their initial project aims to increase the survival rate of transplanted fat cells in breast cancer patients, especially those who have had a lumpectomy and need reconstructive breast surgery thereafter.

VivArt-X comments on the investment: “This funding allows us to propel our leading programme into the pre-clinical phase, marking a crucial advancement in our goal to enhance regenerative treatments.”


Backers Rally Behind VivArt-X

Funding for VivArt-X was sourced from the Brabant Startup Fonds, the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), TU/e Participations, and several angel investors.

Paul Vernooij, an investment manager at BOM, remarks on the significance of the investment: “VivArt-X tackles a crucial medical challenge – enhancing reconstructive surgery for breast cancer survivors.”

He adds, “The company’s innovative biomaterials boost the success rate of fat grafting, leading to improved recovery and reducing the need for additional breast surgeries.”

“This investment not only aids VivArt-X in achieving its key goal but also strengthens the biomaterials sector within the Brabant region.”

The BOM plays a pivotal role in helping entrepreneurs acquire support and funding for vital technologies, health advancements, climate-friendly energy solutions, and sustainable food production.

Acting as the operational arm for the Province of Brabant and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, BOM also supports the development of startups into scale-ups and companies with international aspirations.

One in Every Seven Women Faces Lifetime Risk of Breast Cancer Development

VivArt-X draws attention to a troubling statistic: out of the 2.3 million people worldwide affected by breast cancer, approximately half need to have cancerous tissue surgically removed, which often leads to the necessity for breast reconstruction.

The company is focused on enhancing the typically unsatisfying results of current reconstruction methods with cutting-edge approaches.

The startup notes that patients recovering from breast cancer surgery frequently face considerable physical and emotional distress. The method of reconstruction and the duration of recovery are key factors in their experience.

Identifying a significant gap in care, the firm is developing a synthetic, biodegradable biomaterial to tackle this issue.

Their goal is to provide surgeons with a reliable way to restore and regenerate breast tissue, aiming to significantly enhance the life quality of breast cancer survivors through tailored and more effective reconstruction techniques.

The company was established in 2022 by Dr. Ir. Dan Jing Wu and Professor Dr. Patricia Dankers.

Additional Uses

The medical device developed by VivArt-X is designed for the healthy restoration of breast tissue, with potential uses extending beyond breast regeneration.

Dan Jing Wu, CEO and founder of VivArt-X, expresses appreciation for the support from investors and partners: “We deeply appreciate the trust and support from our backers. Their valuable contribution enables our team to fast-track research and development, playing a vital role in addressing critical women’s health concerns.”


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