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FoundersToday provides an overview of the entire Tech Industry and shares the latest Tech Trends, Funding Rounds and Founder Stories.

Furthermore, through paid featurings, we put Founders and Startups in the spotlight of our Community, which now has tens of thousands of Followers on our Social Media Channels and reaches Millions of People on a wide variety of Online Channels.
Through our Cooperation with Investors, Industry Experts and successful Founders, we offer a huge Platform to promote your Startup.

Featured Content

Your Advertising on FoundersToday! We share your Story, advertise your Service and write about your Successes or Innovations. With a perfect Article, we introduce you to an Audience of Millions on all our Channels!

Free Ressources

We love to support our Community, so we provide some freely accessible Resources. This includes a List of active Investors worldwide and more.

Growth Hacking

Together with our Partner GrowthPunks we help you to get your Social Media Channels in shape. We help with Content Creation, Funnel building, Email Marketing, Management of Social Media Channels etc.


The EVSI Report is provided by our partner Venionaire Capital. In a europe-wide, quarterly survey, they assess the current sentiment of venture capital investors and business angels, as well as their current outlook for the coming quarter.