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Dear Michael, please introduce yourself – Who are you, Where are you from and what is your Background ?

I am 32, from Austria, married and dad of two boys. I have a technical Background as Software Developer. I founded my first company at the age of 19. Since then, I dedicated myself to the digital transformation of companies, the development of digital business models and the construction of scalable organizational structures. 

I am a certified Exponential Organization Consultant and had worked in strategic management positions in the financial industry and IT Industry in recent years. In 2022, I founded my first FinTech company 3Folio with the goal to reduce administrative effort of crypto funds to make crypto hedge funds mainstream ready.

How did you become a Founder and what was the Motivation for it?

Digital change and new technologies have fascinated me for ages. My drive is to create new things, to simplify things and to turn ideas into reality. As an entrepreneur, I have the necessary flexibility and the possibility to tackle even ambiguous goals.

So I started my first scalable FinTech company with the goal of making crypto assets mainstream. My personal belief is that Crypto Hedge Funds will play a big role in this as long we solve some hurdles first – like making them more accessible for investors and managers alike!

That’s why 3Folio was founded at the beginning of 2022 with the goal to race a million dollar pre-seed to develop the first Crypto Fund Manager & Tracker that delivers real value for crypto funds and their clients.

What is the Name of your Startup / Company and what exactly do you do?

We founded our FinTech under the name 3Folio in early 2022 with the goal of developing a Crypto Fund Manager & Tracker. With the entry of Blockpit AG as a strategic partner and investor, we have succeeded in reaching our pre-seed funding goal of a total of 1 million. This allowed us to go online with our closed version already in October this year.

Our solution is a portfolio manager & tracker tailored to the needs and requirements of a crypto fund. With our solution, crypto fund managers can see key information about their funds and stay up-to date with performance. Therefore, we take a holistic view of a fund and its issues to take.

Starting with the determination of a valid net asset value which it’s not easy as it sounds in the crypto space. Maintaining a transaction book, which without automation can quickly drive up overhead. Managing a portfolio and its balances at the lowest asset level, which means deeper analysis for various cash flow strategies such as staking or liquidity mining. And finally, the individual accounting of crypto funds and the reporting down to the fund client.

But this is just the beginning of our journey. Our goal is to continuously increase the level of standardization and automation.

What tips can you give young Founders?

Take enough time for the conception and development of your business model. The fast realization of ambitious goals may be more fun, but you will win the race if your business model has a real purpose.

What is your favorite Quote or your own Quote?

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself! – Peter H. Diamandis

Your Book recommendation for young Founders:

The Future Is Faster Than You Think – Steven KotlerPeter H. Diamandis,

THANK YOU for the great Insights in your Entrepreneurial Journey !





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