Tech talent platform MVP Match raised €5M in Seed Funding

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Tech talent platform MVP Match raised €5M in Seed Funding
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Berlin-based MVP Match, a marketplace and community for matchmaking fast-growing companies with the best tech talent, raises €5 million in seed funding. 

Opens Hub In Egypt

US-based Stage 2 Capital led the investment round. MVP Match announced that they opened a hub in Egypt; it’s the third hub opened by the company after Portugal and Georgia.

The company’s mission is to use technology and a people-first attitude to connect the world’s builders and visionaries. This round of funding will support this mission.
Mandy Cole and Anubhav Maheshwari, partners at Stage 2 Capital, said, “MVP Match has proven its ability to provide great service to both customers and remote employees. With a focus on connecting proven professionals with high-impact projects wherever they live, MVP Match is growing in multiple regions. The company also plans to launch new products that best fit remote workers and their roles.”

Levin Wense, CEO and co-Founder of MVP Match, said that the future of work is hybrid, global and agile. To successfully navigate this landscape, companies need to be flexible and cost-effective by employing a full range of permanent and freelance employees— particularly when dealing with uncertain times like the ones we’re experiencing now.

Appoints New Board Member

Detria Williamson’s new role as board member of MVP Match allows the company to face new challenges while further solidifying its position in the market.

Philipp Petrescu, one of the co-founders, said Detria’s experience as a marketing industry leader will be helpful as they look to become the world’s number one talent marketplace. He added that they are looking forward to her insights on their journey.

Connects Tech Talent With Companies

In 2020, Levin Wense and Philipp Petrescu founded MVP Match in Berlin to ease the process of working with tech talent. As its name suggests, the company’s mission is to shape the world’s workplace environment. It encourages equality and inclusivity in hiring tech workers.

MVP Match uses domain experts to find the talent companies need. They then match these professionals with companies in a way that ensures transparency, high accuracy and easy access to global talent pre-vetted by hubs. This helps growing businesses quickly hire the right remote employees. Additionally, this allows local tech companies better access to global talent through MVP Match’s hubs.

The startup works with over 100 companies — including tech unicorns, global businesses and top professional services firms — and covers 6,000 workers in talent pools.


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