Berlin-based Kittl raised €10.8 million in Series A

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Berlin-based Kittl is Europe’s alternative to Canva and Adobe. It recently raised over €10.8 million for its design platform after launching in 2018. Kittl’s next goal is to help more artists easily create designs they want by adding new features to their platform.

Creating on Kittl’s platform is hassle-free thanks to its creators-first design. This was created by Tobias Saul and Nicolas Heymann in 2020. Less than a year old, Heritage Type turned into a German startup called Kittl after obtaining funding. Its platform will soon be expanded.

Investment Details

  • €10.8 million raised in a Series A round
  • The round was led by Left Lane Capital with participation from Speedinvest
  • Angel investors including Intercom Co-Founder Des Traynor, former Bebo CEO Shaan Puri, and product leaders from Calm, Amazon and Instagram also joined the round

Creating a recognizable brand is crucial to any business. By standing out from other businesses, consumers develop a familiar image of the business. There are many tools to create a design, such as Canva and Adobe. However, this process can be difficult and frustrating.

By using Kittl, users can create dazzling graphics quickly and easily. This is made possible through the use of advanced design tools that Nicolas Heymann, the software’s co-founder, CEO and creator, believes is a long and painful process.

The Germany-based design platform aims to stand out from the crowd by providing easy access to creating unique commercial designs. The platform’s web-based tools make it easy for anyone to create complex designs, such as posters, labels, cards and t-shirts. Users can choose from thousands of pre-made templates before customizing them with easy and powerful tools.


People have long searched for a solution to creating high-quality digital graphics that isn’t complicated. People who create graphics, hobbyists or professional designers, have looked for an easy way to create their work. This democratization of the design process is made possible by the startups platform. The incredibly fast growth of Kittl’s user base and engagement is due to their laser-focus on creating a platform that allows for the monetization of graphic design. We were impressed to see that the majority of users were making money from their designs.

Users have created over 1 million designs since the release of Kittl in 2022.

To create tools that help users achieve their design goals, the company needs a team with considerable talent. This funding will grow the young company’s team and help them develop the tools needed to create creative capabilities. For Heymann, developing these tools requires a large team because of the talent involved.

This project requires a high amount of technological expertise. In addition to building new A.I. and machine learning systems, we’ll focus on expanding the resources available to our users.

Heymann explained that Kittl lets users easily create professional products without the need for advanced tools that require long learning curves. New tools will be developed to further Kittl’s power, and more is expected to be added in the future.

A Julian Chavez praised Kittl Design via Etsy for being the best thing he did in 2022. He sells using the design via his Etsy shop called Kittl design. With my designs published on the website Kittl, people began to view me as an inspiration and also started to use my designs as templates. This is the best website.


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