SunRoof raises €15M for its solar roofs

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SunRoof, a Swedish startup, received €15 million in funding for their 2-in-1 solar roof. This round of funding adds to the €21.5 million the company has already received. The roof generates electricity and is intended for commercial use.

Klima is an Alantra growth equity fund focused on accelerating the energy transition in businesses. An investment round involving Klima was led by Alantra; it involved participation from VC funds such as Inovo VC, which closed a €100M third fund. Additionally, business angels — including elite skier and entrepreneur Jon Olsson — and VC funds SMOK Ventures, Alfabeat and Level2 Ventures were involved in the round.

Eyes To Strengthen Its Foothold

SunRoof plans to use the raised money to grow their presence in existing European markets like Sweden, Germany and Poland. This will involve increasing production and sales for both commercial and residential clients in these countries. With this additional funding, the startup hopes to offer more solar-powered roofs to customers in Europe.

The companies mission is to fulfill the needs of both their customers and the future clean energy infrastructure. They’ve already secured help from Klima as an investor and partner, according to CEO and co-founder Lech Kaniuk. Kaniuk expressed his appreciation for Klima’s support in helping them establish partnerships with strategic partners. This helped SunRoof to further develop and deliver a smart, decentralized energy system for customers across Europe.
SunRoof will allow people to harness solar energy in their homes and vehicles. This will help speed up the energy transition by making transportation and housing more electrified. According to Lucille Bonnet of Alantra Energy Transition, implementing SunRoof into new and re-roofed buildings is an obvious choice for the environment and economical decision. This is because SunRoof offers integrated solutions that are a multi-billion dollar addressable market. SunRoof’s management team is considered ambitious and experienced due to their partnership with Alantra Energy Transition.

Powerful Building-Integrated Solar Roofs

SunRoof was founded by Lech Kaniuk; he is the co-founder of companies such as Delivery Hero, PizzaPortal and iTaxi. Alongside his brother Karol Kaniuk, Marek Zmyslowski — co-founder of and Jumia Travel — and former Google executive Rafal Plutecki helped found SunRoof in 2013. Its purpose is to create solar panels with the lowest carbon footprint in the market.

Their solar panels offer 2-in-1 solar roofs that are more productive and organized. They also leave a smaller carbon dioxide footprint and use fewer resources. Instead of traditional roof panels or PV, these panels are a better alternative.
The company offers homeowners a digital platform and energy app that tracks the progress of their solar roof’s manufacturing and construction. The app also allows users to monitor and manage their energy production and consumption. Additionally, the app allows users to optimize the return on investment for a SunRoof installation by making optimal energy management decisions.


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