SaaS Startup from Germany grabs €2.7M

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LiSA is a live and social shopping SaaS company from Germany. They recently received €2.7 million in a seed round of investment, led by TechVision Fonds (TVF). Previously, Venrex VC from the UK and Georgie Smallwood (Accels first Scout and the chief product officer at micro-mobility startup Tier) also funded the German startup.

Accelerate further growth

LiSA is going to use the investment money to grow their SaaS business, social commerce. They will open up shops internationally, and create a cloud system for social shopping. Their current live shopping solution will be expanded into a full social commerce platform.

Sophie Freres is the founder and CEO of LiSA. Originally, Sophie Frères was a company that sold watches, jewelry, and other accessories. However, the social e-commerce market has become so large that it is impossible for retailers to use 20 different plugins. Additionally, consumers expect their experience to be seamless across multiple platforms. This funding will allow Sophie Frères to rapidly grow their headless solutions and social commerce cloud.

TVF Investment Manager Pascal Bless talked about LiSA, saying that it brings ecommerce into the 21st century with social aspects, despite the fact that many shops have gone digital. The main benefit of LiSA is that shopping can be done quickly, anywhere, and anytime.

Tier and Scout is one of the Accel brand names. Georgie Smallwood is CPO there, and commented on LiSA: LiSA is a new social shopping solution that easily integrates into existing e-commerce platforms. It doesn’t require any custom technology to be built, and already many e-commerce platforms and businesses like the new customers and high engagement that LiSA provides.

Founded by husband-wife duo

Sophie and Philipp Frères are the founders of LiSA. They both had spent over 20 years in the retail industry, and saw first-hand how live shopping can have a positive impact on online audiences and build natural community growth. This is the motivation behind their mission to help online retailers use the social discovery potential that is untapped.

A cloud-based network of partnerships for the social commerce company is in development. This will include discovery tools for users across platforms, and headless solutions.

In 2021, LiSA participated in the New York Fashion Tech Lab, and in 2019 they participated in the Founders Factory accelerator program in London. Their solutions have helped retailers reach customer engagement levels of up to 90%, online conversion rates of up to 35%, and organic social sharing rates of up to 14%.


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