Green Tech Startup Suena from Germany secures €3M for its AI-Powered Energy Storage Platform

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Suena, a Hamburg-based startup specializing in AI-driven optimization and power trading services for flexible energy assets, has closed a €3 million seed funding round. The round was co-led by the Santander InnoEnergy Climate Fund and Smart Energy Innovationsfonds of Energie 360, with additional participation from existing shareholders EIT InnoEnergy, Raakwark Kaptaal, and Business Angels.

Founded in 2021 by Miguel Wesselmann and Tom Witter, Suena has developed an innovative AI-based “Autopilot” software solution. This technology represents a revolutionary approach to monetizing flexible energy assets on power and balancing markets. The Autopilot is designed to handle the complexity of efficient and strategic power trading on multiple markets, processing millions of data points every minute, continuously optimizing trading strategies, and reacting in real time to fluctuations in the power grid.


Modular Software Design

Suena’s modular software design allows quick adaptation to new market designs and regulations of different countries in a fast-changing environment. This flexibility enables rapid scaling of operations globally.

CEO’s Vision for Energy Transition

Dr. Lennard Wilkening, CEO of Suena, stated, “Suena was born out of a vision to be a catalyst for the energy transition. Energy storage capacity at scale and its efficient deployment is a crucial part of that. With the suena Autopilot, suena offers a 100% software-based and fully automated trading-as-a-service platform for energy storage and renewable energy asset owners, making crucially important storage capacity and renewable energy available when and where it’s needed the most.”

Investor Confidence

Giovanni Bologna from Santander InnoEnergy Climate Fund commented on the innovative technology and efficient expert team at the german startup, highlighting the attractive, fast-growing market for energy storage and renewables. Metin Zerman from Energie360 added, “Our investment in the company shows our confidence in a talented team of founders who are driving the energy transition with their innovative trading software.”

Pioneering in Energy Storage

The seed funding marks a pivotal moment for the company. The investment supports the firm in expanding the team, bringing on board motivated and highly skilled talents who are passionate about driving the energy transition forward.


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