Nuvo from Hamburg raises €3M for AI-Powered Data Onboarding Solutions

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Nuvo from Hamburg raises €3M for AI-Powered Data Onboarding Solutions
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Nuvo, a Hamburg-based SaaS startup specializing in AI-powered data onboarding solutions, has successfully secured €3 million in a seed funding round. This investment, led by La Famiglia and supported by several business angels and investors, is set to bolster Nuvo’s development of artificial intelligence algorithms and solidify its position as a leading solution in Europe while continuing its global expansion.

The idea for Nuvo emerged when founders Michael Zittermann and Ben Hartig recognized the struggles millions of businesses face daily with manually restructuring messy spreadsheets received from clients. These reformatting cycles were not only time-consuming but also diverted focus from core product development.


Nuvo’s Innovative Solution

Nuvo offers scalable data onboarding solutions powered by AI, catering to SMEs and enterprises globally. The company’s technology aims to handle the complexities involved in onboarding data from various files and structures automatically. With Nuvo’s AI algorithms, businesses can transform their external data into valuable assets, covering even the most complex edge cases and freeing up development resources.

Enhancing Business Efficiency

The startup’s automated data mapping, validation, and cleaning processes help businesses scale data ingestion, eliminate errors, and free up resources. The company’s intelligent API for external data allows software companies to seamlessly accept data from their customers, accelerating time-to-value and enhancing client satisfaction.

Adherence to GDPR Compliance

The firms unique front-end processing naturally adheres to Europe’s strict GDPR laws, ensuring that none of the customers’ sensitive data is processed. CEO Michael Zittermann emphasizes the company’s commitment to building the most comprehensive API for file-based data while being the most secure and compliant solution for customers.

The Investor: La Famiglia

La Famiglia, a European seed and growth-stage venture capital fund, led the funding round. Paula Hübner from La Famiglia expressed confidence in Nuvo’s potential to become a leading platform for heterogeneous data movements, recognizing the continued relevance of file-based data in the majority of companies.

Pioneering Data Onboarding

The recent funding round marks a significant step in the evolution of data onboarding solutions. With its AI-powered technology, Nuvo is well-positioned to become a key player in the field, offering innovative solutions to streamline and enhance data processing for businesses across the globe.


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