General Catalyst, a U.S.-based VC joins Forces with Berlin’s La Famiglia for European Growth

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General Catalyst, a U.S.-based Firm joins Forces with Berlin's La Famiglia for European Growth
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General Catalyst, a venture capital firm headquartered in California, has teamed up with Berlin’s La Famiglia, an early-stage VC fund supporting entrepreneurs in Europe and the United States, in a strategic partnership.

The companies have united to establish a global venture firm that harnesses local market expertise, offers global reach, and shares common values. Their shared objective is to expedite positive transformations and cultivate resilient, enduring enterprises and ecosystems worldwide, with a specific emphasis on Europe.

This partnership empowers General Catalyst to draw upon its extensive experience in European investments and capitalize on La Famiglia’s sterling reputation within the local startup and industrial sectors.

Moreover, this collaboration is geared towards enhancing General Catalyst’s seed and innovation strategies in Europe by fostering synergy between emerging digital innovators and established industry leaders.

Together, they are committed to promoting collaboration between emerging digital disruptors and well-established industry frontrunners, igniting innovation and fostering substantial industry evolution.


Leadership Transition

Jeannette zu Fürstenberg, the Founding Partner of La Famiglia, is set to assume the role of Managing Director at General Catalyst. In her new capacity, she will spearhead General Catalyst’s long-term vision for Europe, expand its innovation initiatives, and establish a global seed investment program built upon La Famiglia’s expertise.

Her primary focus will be on fortifying European resilience and technological autonomy, aligning seamlessly with General Catalyst’s worldwide investment strategy, which encompasses areas such as climate, industrials, defense, and software opportunities.

Jeannette zu Fürstenberg articulates her motivation, stating, “As I assess the current European economic landscape, I feel a compelling sense of urgency to genuinely steer change and make a substantial impact in the most pivotal sectors brimming with growth potential. I firmly believe that we must act swiftly if we aspire to realize tangible outcomes.”

She continues, “By partnering with the US Venture Capital firm, we are embodying the spirit of ‘radical collaboration,’ a mindset I consider essential to propel sustainable and technologically-driven growth in the European economy. A global platform, complementary expertise, and a profound alignment of values that I share with Hemant and the broader General Catalyst team will undoubtedly catalyze this endeavor.”

Hemant Taneja, the CEO of General Catalyst, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We are incredibly thrilled to welcome the team into the GC family; they are aligned with our values and our ambition to create a positive impact in the world.”

He further notes, “Their capabilities will significantly strengthen our ability to support founders at the seed stage, particularly in Europe. I also believe that our deliberate emphasis on global resilience will provide an excellent foundation for Jeannette’s dedication to accelerating the role of innovation in the transformation of the European economy.”

Judith Dada, a General Partner at the german VC firm, will also transition to General Catalyst, expanding their seed investments in Europe. Both firms, who have a history of collaboration dating back to 2016, share a common faith in ‘radical collaboration’ and patient, influential investment practices.

Together, they have co-invested in companies like Helsing, Stripe, Applied Intuition, Maven, and Ramp, underscoring their faith in Europe’s tech talent and robust seed ecosystem.

Dada shares her excitement, stating, “Seed investing is at the core of the La Famiglia ethos. I am thrilled to collaborate with the GC team to collectively advance our approach to seed investments. Working closely with visionary founders from the outset, providing them with support through our network and proven operational excellence, will be even more gratifying with the entire GC family.”

The VC from Germany will maintain its teams in Berlin and Munich, working closely with GC’s London office, thus enhancing proximity to key European tech markets. The finalization of this partnership is anticipated in the first half of 2024.

General Catalyst and La Famiglia: A Snapshot

General Catalyst is dedicated to making investments that foster enduring, beneficial change for entrepreneurs, investors, society, and their teams. The firm champions visionary founders, offering support from the seed stage and extending it into the growth phase and beyond. With a presence in prominent cities such as San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York City, London, and Boston, the US-based VC has played a pivotal role in the growth of successful enterprises, including Airbnb, Deliveroo, Stripe, and Warby Parker.

The german firm, on the other hand, is a European seed investment firm fortified by the support of influential entrepreneurs and industry luminaries. It directs its investments towards pioneering companies. Since 2015, La Famiglia has thrown its weight behind over 90 rapidly expanding enterprises spanning Europe and the United States, encompassing firms like Deel, Personio, and Helsing.

The Germany-based VC company operates as an invaluable gateway for founders, offering a robust platform replete with a diverse array of entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts who exchange knowledge and opportunities, thereby fostering trust and mutual support among its members.


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