RoboBurger raised $10M funding for world’s first robot burger

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RoboBurger raised $10M funding for world’s first robot burger
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New Jersey-based startup, RoboBurger Inc., opened the worlds first robot burger vending machine. The company was founded by Promethean Investments, a private equity firm, and makes food robotics leaps and bounds. With $10 million seed funding, the company’s products have grown to more than just one machine.

Increased funding will allow RoboBurger Inc. to scale its production of Mark 2 burger units. These units assemble a burger, toast bread, add condiments and are fast enough to grill a beef burger in just four minutes.

Founding Partner of Promethean LLP, Michael Burt believes that Roboburger’s unique food pairings will make the world a much better place than it is now. The tasty burger comes from a Robotic vending machine that can grill up fresh meat— solving the problem of cooking meat on the spot. The patent-pending technology has already proven itself to be a success. Roboburger see robotics and automation as the answer to labor shortage, high costs, and inflation in food production. The company believes that Promethean’s ideas will help them go global.

Autonomous Burger Vending Robot

In 2019, RoboBurger Inc was founded by Dan Braido, Audley Wilson and Andy Siegel. The company’s burger-making vending robot is called RoboBurger; it is the first of its kind that can assemble burgers according to restaurant standards.

The new funding will allow RoboBurger Inc. to quickly increase the number of their units across America. They’ve received a lot of interest from around the world, and they need to keep up with that demand as they continue to deploy units everywhere in the US. RoboBurger Inc.’s CEO is Audley Wilson.

The company is collaborating with some of the largest US businesses to provide fresh food to anyone anywhere. This is accomplished through partnerships with universities, hospitals and transportation hubs that offer people on-site cooking.

The company is launching its second-generation units in Pilot Flying J – Newark, one of the largest urban truck rest stop chains, a university in Queens, NY, and The Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.

Dan Braido, the company’s CTO, states that their latest creation reflects the changes people suggested regarding taste and how long it takes to prepare their burgers. Customers can now get a grilled beef burger in about 4 minutes. This is thanks to the feedback they received with the first pop-up locations.


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