Game Dev Tools Startup ByteBrew Raised $4M Funding

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Game Dev Tools Startup ByteBrew Raised $4M Funding
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ByteBrew’s mobile game analytics platform provides developers with the tools they need to grow their business. This was accomplished with $4 million in funding that Konvoy led.

ByteBrew’s first investment round pulled in angel money from Valhalla Ventures, Node Ventures and other investors. Taylor Hurst, the Principal of Konvoy, will join the board of the company once the funds are used to hire new employees and develop new technologies for coders to use.

ByteBrew, founded in 2021 by Cameron and Kian Hozouri in San Diego, is a one-platform software development kit added onto one software platform. The company employs real-time tracking and monetization tools available to all developers, such as player progression tracking, ad attribution measurement and analytics.

Answering Critical Questions

ByteBrew helps developers optimize their apps, including games, without requiring any changes to their app stores by using the live ops products that it offers such as push notifications and A/B testing. Additionally, they can use ByteBrew’s critical questions like “how do users play my game?” and “where do my players lose interest?” to develop better apps.

ByteBrew claims to have seen growth since its 2021 launch. Over 5,000 developers joined the platform after its launch. The platform analyzed over 600B user events in July alone.

In order to create an alternative to the established industry standards, Kian Hozouri, co-founder and COO of ByteBrew, decided to build a platform that changes the game industry’s perception of what is expected from a game developer. This led to the development of a platform that allows developers to access all of their data in one place through seamless integration with multiple platforms.

Konvoy’s Taylor Hurst notes that ByteBrew’s Cameron and Kian have achieved a lot since starting their business. Their mobile games analytics platform allows mobile game developers to quickly test new ideas and make scaling new features easy. With a larger team behind them, ByteBrew will inevitably become an industry leader in the space for years to come.

What Do They Handle?

The platform provides users with progression, advertising, analytics, live operations, and more.

By using ByteBrew’s self-service app builder, mobile game developers can access free features in seconds. These advanced tools enable game publishers to create games worldwide and empower their development teams.


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