QUMEA secures €9.6M for transforming Intelligent Healthcare Warning Systems

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QUMEA secures €9.6M for transforming Intelligent Healthcare Warning Systems

Switzerland-based QUMEA, specializing in intelligent early warning systems for healthcare providers, has successfully secured CHF 9M (approximately €9.64M) in a Series A funding round. The investment was led by Zürcher Kantonalbank and PB Invest, with contributions from two family offices and a growth loan from UBS. This round also saw participation from all existing investors, reflecting confidence in QUMEA’s commercial scalability and overall business development.

The funds will propel QUMEA towards attaining market leadership in selected global markets. Additionally, the funding will bolster QUMEA’s product strategy, focusing on broadening its ‘Software as a Medical Device’ portfolio introduced in 2023.


CEO’s Gratitude for Investor Support

CEO Cyrill Gyger expressed gratitude for the multiple financing options available in the current funding environment. He emphasized the alignment of the investor structure with QUMEA’s values and long-term strategy, highlighting the trust and continued support of their investor base as invaluable for replicating their Swiss success in international markets.

Revolutionizing Care Workflows

Founded in 2019 by Cyrill Gyger and David Meier, QUMEA is revolutionizing care workflows through its intelligent and privacy-respecting mobility monitoring system. Designed for proactive risk management in hospitals and long-term facilities, the system addresses various use cases such as fall detection, fall prevention, pressure ulcer prevention, and medical decision support.

Impactful System for Caregivers

QUMEA’s system enables caregivers to be present for patients at the right moments by delivering early and actionable insights. The company claims that its system achieves an average reported reduction of 74 per cent in patient falls, establishing new benchmarks for proactive care and prevention in challenging acute care settings without compromising privacy through cameras or microphones.

Expanding Presence in Healthcare Facilities

QUMEA has a presence in more than 80 facilities, partnering with international institutions such as the Hirslanden Group, University Geriatric Medicine Felix Platter Basel, Hannover Medical School, Balgrist University Hospital, and Schulthess Clinic. The company is supported by a team of over 30 professionals working from its offices located in Solothurn (Switzerland), Stockholm (Sweden), and Mannheim (Germany).

With this Series A funding, the swiss startup is set to make significant strides in the digital health sector, contributing to a more sustainable future with its innovative PHA technology.


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