Founda Health acquires Philips Interoperability Solutions to enhance Healthcare Data Exchange

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Founda Health, an Amsterdam-based technology company building infrastructure for the global healthcare sector, has announced the acquisition of Philips Interoperability Solutions, previously known as Forcare. This strategic move aims to streamline workflows and improve care collaboration through enhanced data exchange in healthcare.

The Philips Interoperability Solutions team will be integrated with the Founda Health team, though the specific terms of the deal remain undisclosed. Philips Interoperability Solutions has been instrumental in addressing healthcare challenges by fostering connected information systems and driving efficiency to enhance overall care quality.


Integrating Teams for Advanced Healthcare Solutions

With this acquisition, the Philips Interoperability Solutions team will be integrated with Founda Health, combining their expertise to foster connected information systems and drive efficiency in healthcare. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but the integration signifies a significant step towards enhancing overall care quality.

Philips Interoperability Solutions’ Role in Healthcare

Philips Interoperability Solutions is dedicated to addressing healthcare challenges by enabling seamless data exchange across different healthcare systems. Their expertise has already benefited numerous healthcare enterprises, contributing to more efficient and connected healthcare environments.

The Vision for Healthcare Data Infrastructure

The acquisition strengthens Founda Health‘s global presence in healthcare data exchange, bolstering both national and international operations. The company is committed to constructing a modern, scalable, and cost-effective data infrastructure that fosters innovation for the mutual benefit of healthcare providers and patients. Founda Health’s platform aims to eliminate barriers to healthcare innovation by facilitating communication between new digital solutions and existing IT systems, including the technology from Forcare, which enables the exchange of medical data among healthcare providers.

Leadership’s Perspective on the Acquisition

Erik Schilperoort, MD of Founda Health, emphasized the importance of innovation and the availability of data for a future-proof healthcare ecosystem. He views the acquisition as a logical step toward a new healthcare data infrastructure that prioritizes patient care above all else. Schilperoort’s focus is on ensuring a seamless transition for existing customers, employees, and partners while investing in merging the platforms and adding new functionality.

About Founda Health

Founded in 2019 by serial tech entrepreneur Jan Joost Kalff, Founda Health provides a global digital infrastructure for medical data exchange. The company adopts a platform model, serving as a bridge between healthcare providers’ systems and global health applications, offering cost-effective solutions for collaboration and eliminating high setup and maintenance costs. Founda’s platform streamlines operations by consolidating diverse data standards into a single API and supports healthcare apps by connecting them with international Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

Transforming Healthcare Data Availability

The acquisition marks a significant advancement in healthcare data availability. The integrated platform aims to reduce the workload for healthcare professionals and IT teams, thereby enhancing the overall quality of care and setting a new standard for data availability in healthcare.


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