Medtech Startup Ansana from Netherlands bags €850K to combat Surgical Site Infections

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Medtech Startup Ansana from Netherlands bags €850K to combat Surgical Site Infections
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Ansana, a Netherlands-based company specializing in sterilization technology for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, has secured €850K in funding. The investment, led by NLC Health Ventures, LIOF, and Rabobank, will be used to develop alpha-prototypes, establish initial hospital collaborations, obtain ISO 13485 certification, progress EU and US regulatory strategies, and finalize its Go-to-Market strategy.

Surgical Site Infection (SSI) impacts approximately 3 million patients annually in Europe and the United States. Research indicates that nearly 25% of these infections stem from inadequate reprocessing of surgical instruments. During this procedure, over 115 million kilograms of plastic waste are produced in the United States alone.


Ansana’s Innovative Solution

Led by CEO Dominique Surinx, the dutch medtech is developing innovative sterilization technologies. The company’s patented container digitizes and automates the sterilization workflow of surgical tools. This not only lowers the incidence of surgical site infections but also eliminates the need for consumables in the sterilization process. Additionally, the optimization of the flows reduces the necessity for large inventories and improves service to the operating rooms, resulting in a substantial reduction in the overall cost of ownership for healthcare facilities.

Investor Confidence

Rabobank, known for embracing innovation, growth, and sustainability, has shown confidence in Ansana’s simplified and sustainable technology. The Rabo Innovation Loan, which supports innovative startups, particularly those improving sustainability in society or making it more digital, has been extended to Ansana.

CEO’s Vision

Dominique Surinx, CEO at Ansana, expressed that the successful closing of Ansana’s seed round within an exceptionally short time frame is a crucial milestone for the company. It demonstrates market confidence in Ansana’s solutions and value proposition, supporting their mission to improve patient lives globally.

Advancing Healthcare Sterilization

The funding round marks a significant step in advancing healthcare sterilization technology. With its innovative approach, the startup is well-positioned to make a substantial impact in combating surgical site infections and promoting sustainable practices in healthcare.


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