Swiss Medtech Startup Aesyra secures €2.7M for breakthrough Sleep Apnea and Bruxism Solutions

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Swiss Medtech Startup Aesyra secures €2.7M for breakthrough Sleep Apnea and Bruxism Solutions
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Aesyra, a Lausanne, Switzerland-based medical device company, has successfully raised $3 million (approximately €2.7 million) in a seed funding round.

This round, led by Supermoon Capital and deep tech investor Creadd Ventures, with participation from existing investor Zürcher Kantonalbank, will support the development and commercialization of Aesyra’s AesyBite line of products for the accurate monitoring and treatment of sleep bruxism and sleep apnea.


Tackling Sleep Disorders with Innovative Technology

Aesyra’s AesyBite devices use proprietary sensors and algorithms to allow intraoral measurements of several factors during sleep. The technology is capable of actively reducing bruxism and improving patients’ quality of life. According to the company, the product has demonstrated over a 70% reduction in bruxism activity for users.

The Science Behind AesyBite

Powering Aesyra’s AesyBite is technology developed by researchers at the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL) and algorithms leveraging over 10 years of sleep research data. This innovative approach positions the firm as a leader in the field of sleep-related medical devices.

The Investors’ Role

Supermoon Capital, the only venture capital firm in the world focused exclusively on the sleep technology market, led the funding round. Based out of San Francisco, Supermoon Capital partners with visionary innovators across the sleep market spectrum. As part of the funding round, Masterson Leoni will join the Board of Directors of Aesyra.

Founders’ Vision and Company Mission

Founded in 2017 by Pietro Maoddi and Marco Letizia as a spin-off of EPFL, the startup is committed to improving sleep by developing oral appliance technologies. CEO Marco Letizia expressed excitement about partnering with Supermoon Capital and Creadd Ventures, sharing their vision of driving meaningful change within the sleep industry.

Advancing Healthcare Practices in Sleep Medicine

Aesyra’s significant investment marks a pivotal moment for the company. With the support of its investors, Aesyra is well-positioned to accelerate the deployment of its groundbreaking solutions, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing healthcare practices in the realm of sleep medicine.


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