MANTLE from Sweden secures €2.8M for Expansion in the Netherlands

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MANTLE, the Stockholm-based skincare startup known for its clean and clinical skincare solutions, has successfully raised €2.8M in a new funding round, bringing its total funding to approximately €8M. The investment was led by London-based venture capital firm Venrex, marking a significant step in MANTLE’s journey towards expanding its European presence.

The fresh capital will be utilized to fuel the startup’s expansion across Europe, particularly in the UK where the brand has already made a notable impact since its recent launch. Plans are underway to enter the US, Germany, and the Netherlands markets within the year, with a strategic launch in the Netherlands through the Dutch beauty destination, Skins Cosmetics.


Enhancing Product Development

In addition to supporting geographical expansion, the funds will also bolster research and product development efforts in MANTLE’s Swedish lab. This investment will enable the brand to continue innovating and delivering world-class formulas rooted in science, further solidifying its position in the skincare industry.

Empowering Beauty Narratives

Josefin Landgård, CEO and co-founder of MANTLE, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Venrex, viewing it as a testament to the company’s achievements and potential for growth. MANTLE’s mission to change the narrative around beauty, empowering women to embrace life and its traces on their skin, has resonated with customers, driving high retention rates and repeat purchases.

Revolutionizing Skincare with Science

Founded in 2020 by tech entrepreneur Josefin Landgård and branding specialist Stina Lönnkvist, MANTLE has quickly established itself as a revolutionary force in the skincare industry. The company offers a diverse range of products, from face moisturizers and serums to intimate care items and body creams, all crafted in a Swedish lab combining clean ingredients with potent actives for gentle and effective results.

A Year of Impressive Growth

In 2023, MANTLE achieved over 80% year-on-year growth, driven by strong customer loyalty and excitement for new products. The brand’s commitment to providing innovative and effective skincare solutions has led to recurring customers making purchases every six weeks on average.

Expanding Reach and Impact

With the backing of Venrex and the launch in new markets, the company is poised for further expansion, bringing its transformative formulations to more customers across Europe and the US. The brand’s approach to skincare, emphasizing empowerment and science-backed solutions, continues to attract a growing customer base eager for products that make a real difference.

Venrex’s support underscores the confidence in MANTLE’s vision and the potential for its innovative skincare solutions to redefine beauty standards and enhance the quality of life for its users.


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