Naïf from Netherlands secures €23M to develop Skincare Products with a Focus on People and the Planet

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Naïf from Netherlands secures €23M to develop Skincare Products with a Focus on People and the Planet
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Naïf, a B-Corp in South Holland Creating Skin-Friendly Care Products, secures €23M Investment from European Impact Investor Future Business Partnership (FBP)”.

The Netherlands-based firm plans to utilize the acquired funds to foster sustainable development, drive innovative advancements in the personal care sector, and support their expansion into additional markets.

Sjoerd Trompetter, the founder of Naïf, remarks, “This investment exemplifies the synergy between commercial prosperity and beneficial societal impact.”

“Success transcends mere financial advancement. Our selection of FBP as a partner stems from our aligned principles and their commitment as an impact investor. This funding will facilitate our ongoing growth, enhancement of our product line, and amplification of our constructive influence on the grooming industry,” Trompetter further elaborates.


Naïf: Specializes in Gentle Skincare Products

In 2014, Jochem Hes and Sjoerd Trompetter established Naïf upon becoming fathers and encountering baby care products firsthand. They noticed these products contained undesirable ingredients for infants.

Motivated by this, they set out to create superior quality products, assisting parents during the early stages of their children’s growth.

Naïf’s product line is notable for its exclusion of harmful substances and microplastics, aiming to make a positive impact in the global grooming market.

The company, based in the Netherlands, has been a pioneer in introducing the country’s first mineral sunscreen, refillable packaging options, and biodegradable baby wipes.

Naïf states that their efforts, in collaboration with consumers, have saved the equivalent of over 4 million PET plastic bottles.

The company has achieved significant milestones, selling millions of products, extending its range to 50 items, operating in 10 countries, employing a team of 35 experts, and seeing a tenfold increase in revenue in the last four years.

Reflecting on the journey, Jochem Hes, co-founder of Naïf, remarks, “The investment is a significant landmark in our journey. We embarked on this path in 2014 with optimism and a vision for a better industry. A decade later, we are thrilled with our progress and eagerly anticipate the next phase of our story.”

About the Investor

Future Business Partnership (FBP) operates as an impact-focused investment firm, leveraging both capital and extensive sector knowledge to promote transitions towards low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially beneficial household consumption.

Tracey Huggett and Vish Srivastava, Managing Partners at FBP, recognize Naïf as an ideal candidate for their investment approach. “Naïf stands out as a dynamic, high-achieving leader in sustainability, reshaping the industry by expanding its market presence with products that are better for people and less harmful to the planet. FBP resonated immediately with Sjoerd and Jochem. They sought not just commercial expertise from their shareholders but also an ethical partner who aligned with their vision, mission, and aspirations,” the managing partners note.

This investment also signifies the conclusion of Naïf’s fruitful association with previous investors like Unknown Group and DOEN Participaties, the latter being the Netherlands’ leading impact investor in sustainable and social startups.

DOEN Participaties and Unknown Group have been backing the care brand since 2019, supporting its ambition to grow tenfold in five years and thereby enhance the market’s sustainability.

Marc Rasmussen, Impact Investment Principal at DOEN Participaties, comments, “DOEN invested in Naïf due to its exemplary role. Numerous well-known care brands include microplastics, hormone disruptors, or other detrimental ingredients in their products. Naïf’s approach, free from such ingredients, has steered the care products market towards a more positive direction, demonstrating the feasibility of more sustainable practices.”


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