Interview with Kambis Kohansal Vajargah | Head of Startup-Services at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

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Dear Kambis, please introduce yourself – Who are you, Where are you from and what is your Background ?

My name is Kambis Kohansal Vajargah , I am the Head of Startup-Services at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, currently active in Vienna, Austria and have been an entrepreneur and angel investor for over one third of my life.

How did you become a Founder and what was the Motivation for it?

My parents and in particular my grandfather who was an entrepreneur himself were role models for choosing my career path. At the age of 24 right after graduating from my university I decided to start with my first EduTech startup.

What is the Name of your Startup / Company and what exactly do you do?

In over ten years I have built a portfolio of more than twenty startup companies and SMEs, it is difficult to depict one of them. I have been active in verticals such as education, HR, mobility and more recently in AI and big data. However, for over two years now I am acting as the Head of Startup-Services at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber officially representing all startups in Austria and supporting them where I can.

Where should the Journey with your Startup go and where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

I want all startups to scale into successful enterprises with sustainable business models and innovation that really impacts customers and society. In five years I want to have contributed to the Austrian innovation ecosystem in a way that Austria is recognized as one of the most innovative markets with strong affiliations to emerging markets in particular.

What tips can you give young Founders?

Always ask questions, make continuous self-reflection and build your own peer group of founders you can regularly discuss ideas with.

What is your favorite Quote or your own Quote?

I want to empower people. I want someone to look at me and say “because of you I didn’t give up”.

Your Book recommendation for young Founders:

Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb 

Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

And Quiet Flows the Don by Michail Scholochow

THANK YOU for the great Insights in your Entrepreneurial Journey !








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