Loonshot Ventures invests in Rosé Wine Startup ROST

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Loonshot Ventures invests in Rosé Wine Startup ROST
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As is known by now, the team of Loonshot Ventures GmbH around Bernhard-Stefan Müller has dedicated itself to the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, which mainly includes the food & beverage sector. Now, the domestic investor has invested in a gem of the Austrian startup scene, wine cocktail startup ROST.

The team around Liza Brandstätter has already dedicated itself to the conception of tasty wine cocktails around the theme of rosé wine in 2018.
During and after her business studies in Graz, Brandstätter worked in various advertising and event agencies. The breakthrough to self-employment came with a job in New York, where she had the idea for the Rosé Wine Spritz. “I had a similar drink in a bar in New York. I still don’t know what it was – but it was pink and a mix of cider, spritzer and prosecco.”

Back in Graz, she began experimenting in her kitchen to create a unique flavor. “However, it was always important to me that it was an easy to understand/simple, regional product. People don’t have time for long explanations, they want an honest drink,’ Brandstätter explains.
This drink, a rose wine cocktail with notes of ginger, cranberry, vermouth or apple, is now sold far beyond the Styrian borders, he adds.

“Liza’s concept convinced us. The product tastes great and is mega versatile to enjoy. The high demand in the market for ROST was surprising for us at first, but it shows that there is definitely a trend for our product” says investor Bernhard-Stefan Müller Loonshot Ventures then watched the startup for a while before making the decision, he said.

“We always look for companies where we, in addition to the financial aspect, can also really create impact. This is given, not least through our distribution networks to retailers, gastronomy and hotel industry but also in the international event sector and so the decision to invest was finally easy for us.” continued Müller.

In the cap table of the Graz-based startup, there were also no unknowns so far. In April 2021, Liza Brandstätter achieved a major milestone with her appearance on the Pulse 4 show “2 Minutes 2 Millions”.


The charming woman from Graz was able to convince 2 investors at once, namely Hans-Peter Haselsteiner and Alexander Schütz, of her idea. However, it was not only a good deal financially: “I also wanted to reach as many people from my target group as possible with the appearance on the show,” says Brandstätter. The idea worked, orders increased and more and more catering businesses began selling ROST. In the meantime, she also supplies across Austria’s national borders.

“ROST is available, for example, at selected Billa and Billa Plus stores, but also in several in-bars in Austria and Germany and at numerous events in the DACH region. Especially in the F&B – area fast action is important; that is also exactly my character. With Bernhard – Stefan Müller and Loonshot Ventures, I think I have found the right partner to grow quickly and make ROST a beverage that is now an integral part of every shelf and drinks menu,” says the founder.

They are currently negotiating with two very well-known brands about new signature drinks. Unfortunately, they can’t reveal any more than that.
We are very happy to continue on the path of success we have started with Liza Brandstätter and her team, but also with our co-investors Hans-Peter Haselsteiner and Alexander Schütz, and to further develop ROST together. “I am convinced that you will hear a lot about our products in the future”, Bernhard-Stefan Müller concludes.


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