Hydrosat, a climate technology company, acquires IrriWatch, a Netherlands-based company, to enhance farmers’ operational efficiency with space imagery

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Hydrosat, a climate technology company, acquires IrriWatch, a Netherlands-based company, to enhance farmers' operational efficiency with space imagery
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On Thursday, June 8th, Hydrosat, a climate technology company based in the US, made an announcement regarding its acquisition of IrriWatch, a Dutch company renowned for providing the most advanced irrigation management software globally.

According to Pieter Fossel, CEO of Hydrosat, the acquisition of IrriWatch represents a notable achievement in the ongoing expansion of their company. Fossel emphasizes that this development will expedite the provision of practical solutions aligned with their mission to enhance global food production while conserving water resources.

This agreement follows a sequence of notable milestones for Hydrosat. These achievements include securing a grant from the United States Air Force to customize their surface temperature data to align with the mission demands of the National Air and Space Intelligence Centre, as well as the successful pilot launch of their Crop Yield Forecast product.

Furthermore, Hydrosat recently concluded a successful $20 million Series A funding round, further strengthening their financial position.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency for Farmers through Data Utilization

Founded in 2019 by Wim Bastiaanssen, IrriWatch empowers farmers to enhance their farming techniques, increase crop yields, and improve profitability. With a global reach, the company serves clients across 57 nations.

Using satellite-based data, IrriWatch measures crucial crop indicators such as leaf and soil temperatures, soil moisture levels, water usage, and agricultural output. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the company provides precise watering recommendations that effectively boost productivity.

IrriWatch’s product offerings extend beyond irrigation management. They also provide support for carbon sequestration analysis, leaf nitrogen content assessment for fertilizer management, and deliver hyper-local weather information.

Wim Bastiaanssen, the founder of IrriWatch, emphasizes the company’s commitment to irrigation, crop production, soil health, and climate. Recognizing the significant threat of climate change to food security, Bastiaanssen highlights the recent warning from the UN about society’s unsustainable water consumption.

The collaboration between IrriWatch and Hydrosat allows them to leverage the expertise of leading specialists and cutting-edge technology. With access to high-resolution thermal imagery, they can provide vital insights that align with their shared mission of global food security and transparent water accounting in river basins.


Purpose of the Acquisition

This agreement reinforces Hydrosat’s commitment to merging data-driven approaches with strategies aimed at aiding farmers in achieving higher food production while minimizing water usage, particularly amidst challenges such as drought, climate change, and environmental sustainability objectives.

According to Royce Dalby, President of Hydrosat, thermal data holds significant importance in assisting farmers in optimizing the utilization of Earth’s limited resources and maximizing crop yields. Hydrosat recognizes the pivotal role of thermal data in enabling more efficient agricultural practices.

“Hydrosat’s extensive research conducted on farms across three continents has demonstrated that utilizing thermal imagery to inform irrigation decisions can lead to a remarkable increase of up to 50 percent in crop yields while reducing water consumption by 25 percent.”

Dalby further explains, “IrriWatch has pioneered groundbreaking technology that translates Hydrosat’s research into practical application. By combining IrriWatch’s technology with Hydrosat’s advanced data analytics systems, we can fulfill our commitment to addressing food and water security amidst unprecedented environmental challenges.”

Through the integration of IrriWatch’s software with Hydrosat’s capabilities in crop classification and yield forecasting, the company will establish a comprehensive solution that supports the entire agriculture sector, from the field to the table, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

To expand the global reach of the IrriWatch product, the team behind IrriWatch, consisting of agronomists, hydrologists, and software engineers, will join forces with Hydrosat, ensuring broader access to the IrriWatch product for growers and agribusinesses worldwide.

About Hydrosat

Hydrosat is a leading provider of satellite imagery and data analytics, specializing in the measurement of water stress and climate impact. As a geospatial data analytics company, the company leverages thermal infrared imagery to offer unparalleled technological insights to both commercial and government clients.

By utilizing high-resolution satellite thermal imaging on a daily basis, Hydrosat provides a distinct perspective of the Earth, enabling their algorithms to deliver precise crop yield projections and enhanced irrigation tools to financial and agricultural customers. This unique offering empowers clients with valuable information for informed decision-making and improved agricultural practices.


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