Parex, a Blockchain Platform Empowered by Community, Secures $6.5 Million in Funding

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Parex, a Blockchain Platform Empowered by Community, Secures $6.5 Million in Funding
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With its suite of decentralized applications including ParexChain, Parex Wallet, RaccoonSwap, and Exchange, Parex has triumphantly established a community-oriented DAO ecosystem. The company recently accomplished a noteworthy feat by raising $6.5 million in a fresh investment round. DWF Labs contributed $3 million, while Bitgert Ventures, the investment branch of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitgert, invested $3.5 million to support the startups growth.

Parex successfully concluded the investment round at a crucial juncture when it was finalizing the development of its groundbreaking infrastructure, ParexChain. This infrastructure is meticulously crafted to foster a completely community-driven DAO blockchain ecosystem. The newly acquired funds will play a pivotal role in accelerating the initiatives to establish a highly efficient DeFi and DAO ecosystem. Additionally, a portion of the investment will be allocated towards the startups mining operations and its sustained support.


Cutting-Edge Blockchain Solutions for Inflation Mitigation

Liam Anthony, the CEO of the Blockchain Company, conveyed his deep satisfaction in the notable investors, DWFLabs and Bitgert Ventures, who have displayed confidence in the companies promising trajectory. “We remain dedicated to advancing pioneering blockchain solutions that prioritize community engagement and effectively address inflation,” stated Anthony. “With the invaluable support and expertise of esteemed investors like DWFLabs and Bitgert Ventures, our position strengthens as we approach the imminent launch of the PEP20 Mainnet. Stay tuned for updates on the PEP-20 blockchain infrastructure’s testnet and an exciting AIRDROP campaign.”


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