Future Food Fund II secures €40M to foster Agrifoodtech Innovations in Western Europe

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Future Food Fund II secures €40M to foster Agrifoodtech Innovations in Western Europe
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The Future Food Fund II (FFF II), an impact investment fund based in Utrecht, has successfully closed its funding at €40M. This fund, supported by impact-driven entrepreneurs and the European Investment Fund (EIF), is set to play a pivotal role in transforming food and agriculture systems through investments in Seed & Serie-A companies in Western Europe.

Future Food Fund II is dedicated to funding transformative initiatives in regenerative agriculture, zero-impact foods, and circular systems, aligning with its mission to contribute to a sustainable future and mitigate the impact of climate change. Peter Arensman, Founding Partner of Future Food Fund II, emphasized the fund’s role as a catalyst for change, investing not just in companies but in a brighter future for the planet.


Strategic Partnerships and Investments

The fund’s final closing saw a significant commitment of €20M from the EIF, backed by the InvestEU programme, Risk Capital Resources, and the Dutch Future Fund. This support underscores the European vision for a sustainable future, with investments in ventures that prioritize environmental sustainability. FFF II has already made strides in this direction with investments in startups like EV Biotech, a precision fermentation specialist, and Extracellular, a scale-up and development partner for cultivated meat.

Strengthening Collaborations for Agrifoodtech Leadership

Future Food Fund II’s partnerships with key Dutch entities, including Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Oost NL, and the Northern Netherlands development agency NOM, highlight the Netherlands’ leadership in agrifoodtech and sustainability. These collaborations are instrumental in fostering innovation and driving the sector forward.

About Future Food Fund

Founded in 2017, the Future Food Fund is a specialized agrifoodtech venture capital fund that has supported 10 Dutch food and agri startups, including NoPalm, Soilwise, and Sensoterra. Operating as an impact fund (SFDR 9), the second fund focuses on investing in Seed and Serie-A companies within the food and agriculture sector in Western Europe, aiming to drive significant advancements in sustainability and innovation in the agrifoodtech space.


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