Tech Startup Accelerator Ewor Aims To Become Europe’s Y Combinator With €3.2 Million Investment

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Tech Startup Accelerator Ewor Aims To Become Europe's Y Combinator With €3.2 Million Investment
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Ewor, the European accelerator and training program, has secured a substantial investment of 3.2 million. This infusion of capital will be dedicated to enhancing and expanding the fellowship program, which aims to provide robust support and comprehensive training to tech entrepreneurs across Europe.

The Entrepreneurship Academy, Ewor has successfully raised 3.2 million euros in its recent seed financing round. The funding was provided by prominent serial founders from the German startup ecosystem, including Paul Müller, Jens Wasel, David Rowan, Mirjam Pütz, Felix Haas, and Robert Wuttke. Ewor, known for its expertise in talent investment, remains committed to offering specialized training and personalized mentorship to nurture and empower young tech entrepreneurs.

Addressing Gaps in the Education System

By securing this investment, Ewor is poised to enhance its assistance to the upcoming wave of European tech entrepreneurs through its immersive fellowship program spanning six to ten months. The primary objective is to bolster the European startup ecosystem and tackle the existing gaps in the education system, specifically pertaining to entrepreneurship. Co-founders Daniel Dippold, Alexander Grots, and Florian Huber proudly assert that this is the pioneering and exclusive European entrepreneurship fellowship program established and operated by accomplished tech entrepreneurs.


The founders have set forth an ambitious vision: to establish a European equivalent to the renowned Silicon Valley accelerator, Y Combinator. They recognize that Europe lacks a counterpart like YC, with many European accelerators known for their unfavorable conditions for founders, lower valuations, lack of authenticity, and unnecessary bureaucracy. This stems from a lack of leadership by experienced founders who have successfully built relevant tech companies. According to Dippold, “If we genuinely aspire to develop tech companies in Europe that can rival those in the U.S. and China, we must provide conditions, authenticity, and flexibility that truly attract top-tier entrepreneurial talent from around the world.” He firmly believes that entrepreneurship and innovative technologies hold the key to addressing numerous societal and environmental challenges.

Ewor, combining elements of a master’s degree and acceleration, is dedicated to nurturing European founders and equipping them to become successful serial entrepreneurs. Co-founders Grots and Dippold emphasize that while academic education plays a role, successful entrepreneurship is built on practical hands-on experience and individual skill enhancement. Unfortunately, the European education system does not adequately prioritize the development of these essential capabilities. To address this gap, Ewor’s fellowship program, coupled with the recent investment, aims to bridge the divide and provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary training and support to excel in their journey.

Entrepreneurship: A Craft to Master

Dippold and Grots view entrepreneurship as an experiential “craft” that goes beyond traditional academic education. In pursuit of this vision, Ewor has developed two platforms, namely the Ewor Fellowship Program and the Ewor Academy, to actively support entrepreneurs within the European tech industry. Ewor aims to cultivate an ecosystem that fosters personal growth and facilitates the realization of innovative ideas.

The fellowship program spans several months and provides hands-on training in entrepreneurship. Participants also have access to startup funding of up to 150,000 euros. The inaugural fellowship program was launched in March 2021, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Founders Unite: Building a Network of Entrepreneurs

Building Connections: Ewor’s Extensive Network for Fellows

As part of the Fellowship Program, Ewor provides its fellows with invaluable access to a wide-ranging network of mentors, advisory boards, and investors spanning across Europe. This network includes over ten founders of highly successful unicorn companies. Ewor specifically focuses on supporting founders in the fields of GreenTech, DeepTech, AI & Machine Learning, Robotics, HealthTech, and EdTech.

The fellows themselves hail from esteemed institutions such as Cambridge, Oxford, HEC Paris, ETH Zurich, and TU Munich, as well as prominent companies like Google, Amazon, McKinsey, and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Comprised of experienced professionals and startup investors, the Ewor team is led by CEO Daniel Dippold, who has already made investments in more than 20 tech startups. Florian Huber serves as the Chief Investment Officer, while Alexander Grots takes on the role of Co-Founder and Chief Program Officer. Additionally, the team includes COO Berna Epik and Head of Education Lian Boerma, who brings a wealth of experience from Stanford University.


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