Crqlar, a Tyrolean Hospitality-Tech Startup, completes €5ook Pre-Seed Funding Round

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Tyrolean Hospitality-Tech Startup Crqlar completes Pre-Seed Funding Round
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Crqlar, a startup based in Tyrol, has effectively completed its pre-seed funding round, securing more than €500k in investments from notable backers including Rudolf Flunger, Gregor Hoch, and the Bocconi 4 Innovation accelerator program in Italy.

The startup plans to initiate a substantial transformation within the hospitality industry by introducing a specialized business intelligence solution tailored to the distinct requirements of hotels.

Empowered by the newly acquired capital, Crqlar envisions enhancing its platform through the integration of advanced AI capabilities. Additionally, the company intends to extend its market presence across Austria, Germany, and Italy.


Pursues the redefinition of Luxury Hospitality

Established in February 2022 by Angel Ferrufino, Dejan Keri, and Fabian Rauch, Crqlar leverages cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to create unparalleled guest profiles. Through the meticulous collection and refinement of data, the company achieves precise predictions, revenue amplification, and operational automation employing sophisticated machine-learning methodologies.

The core objective is to enhance the guest data management process for hotel personnel, spanning from receptionists to managers, using their B2B SaaS platform. By consolidating the diverse guest data scattered across multiple software tools, this platform simplifies the operational flow for hoteliers.

The integration of machine learning and AI enables the dissemination of tailored and timely insights to team members. This ensures a personalized and exceptional experience for each guest during every interaction.

Since its inception, the startup has successfully onboarded numerous luxury hotels, including Forsthofgut, Grandhotel Lienz, and Post Lech. Through these partnerships, Crqlar has not only facilitated revenue growth but also reduced administrative workload for staff members by up to 80%.

Details of Crqlar’s Product Offerings

Crqlar presents a diverse array of products meticulously crafted to elevate guest satisfaction while boosting hotel revenue. Among these offerings, Crqlar Guest stands out as a pivotal solution. This centralized platform empowers hotel staff to effortlessly categorize guests based on preferences, behavior, and other parameters. The result is a potent tool for creating precisely targeted marketing campaigns and tailor-made encounters, ultimately leading to heightened revenue streams.

Another noteworthy product from the company is Crqlar Restaurant, ingeniously designed to amplify the dining experience for hotel patrons. This encompassing solution includes a-la-carte and half-board options, endowing guests with enhanced flexibility and a broader range of dining choices. This innovation has the potential to attract a larger clientele while simultaneously augmenting food and beverage sales revenue.

In the realm of digital transformation, Crqlar introduces the Crqlar App, a streamlined solution for guest check-in and bookings. Specifically, Crqlar Spa caters to wellness facilities management, offering effortless oversight of staff, amenities, and spa service reservations. This innovation enables guests to complete check-ins digitally and access the hotel’s myriad services, spanning the spa to dining establishments, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Not only does this enhance the overall guest experience, but it also reduces wait times for services, ushering in a new era of efficiency and satisfaction.


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