Zeelo, a Intelligent Bus Platform secures $14M for advancing US Growth and Product Innovation

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Zeelo, a Intelligent Bus Platform secures $14M for advancing US Growth and Product Innovation
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Zeelo, headquartered in London, a visionary smart bus platform specializing in conceiving, overseeing, and enhancing transport initiatives for entities, has revealed the successful closure of a Series A funding round, amassing an impressive $14 million (equivalent to approximately €12.82 million).

In the words of Sam Ryan, co-founder of Zeelo, “The culmination of a funding round doesn’t quite align with common perceptions. Fundraising endeavors are extensive, demanding, and diversionary. Rather than taking a step back to celebrate and contemplate the accomplishments and insights gained, founders are instinctively drawn back into the operational realm, aiming for loftier goals.”

The present injection of funding for Zeelo has been facilitated by FlatzHoffmann, IREON Ventures, along with continued participation from ETF Partners and InMotion Ventures, as well as undisclosed contributions from angel investors.

Funding Usage

Zeelo has earmarked the newly acquired funds to propel its operational velocity, augment its workforce, and usher in innovative technological offerings.

The crux of Zeelo’s focus centers on catering to US corporate clientele and operators, delivering shuttle-based transportation solutions tailored for employee commutes across both the Eastern and Western coasts. The mission is to heighten service quality, foster technological advancement, and extend coverage across a more expansive geographical expanse.

With its footprint established across three continents, Zeelo is strategically hastening its expansion endeavors in the United States by establishing a secondary headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. This strategic move has seen the co-founders, Sam Ryan and Barney Williams, relocate to spearhead team expansion and meet surging demand. Simultaneously, CTO Dani Ruiz remains stationed in Europe, driving product development efforts.

Zeelo has already inked significant contracts with notable names such as Fidelity, major multi-site corporate enterprises, an e-commerce marketplace, and a global logistics entity. This underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to the US market.

Sam Ryan comments, “The demand for our transit-tech solution in the US has risen considerably over the past year. Developed markets are grappling with an unmet need for daily mass transportation services. In response to this upswing in demand, shuttle operators have expressed a growing interest in leveraging our technology to bolster client relationships and streamline their operational landscape.”

Ryan further elaborates, “This fresh infusion of capital is poised to propel Zeelo’s rapid expansion across the US. We are primed for an accelerated deployment of extensive, multi-site transportation agreements, encompassing some of North America’s most prominent household brands. Additionally, we intend to channel resources into advancing our software offerings, solidifying our technological prowess.”

Commuting and School Run Transportation Solutions

Established in 2016 by Sam Ryan, Barney Williams, and Dani Ruiz, Zeelo emerges as an ingenious smart bus platform catering to organizations. With a mission to reshape the daily bus commutes of frontline workers and students, the startup strives to expedite journeys to work and school through a smarter, swifter, and more environmentally conscious approach.

Beyond its core objective, the platform extends a wealth of data-driven insights to clients, facilitating enhanced workforce planning, production optimization, and staff punctuality – resulting in tangible advantages. On an average scale, Zeelo’s clients trim 12 hours weekly from administrative tasks, witness a noteworthy 50% surge in bus ridership, and achieve a substantial 43% annual cost reduction in employee shuttle transportation.

Pioneered transport management software unites a SaaS platform, distinctive routing algorithms, GPS-based route optimization, and ride-sharing applications, collectively yielding dependable, subsidized, and sustainable bus services, particularly in underserved regions.

Zeelo’s commitment extends beyond operational efficacy to environmental responsibility, with a resolute pledge to transition all services to net-zero emissions battery-electric buses by the year 2030. Notably, in 2022, the company successfully offset more than 2,600 tons of CO2 emissions while concurrently generating over 26,000 employment opportunities. With 70% of Zeelo riders relying on the service for their daily commutes, its role becomes integral in securing their employment endeavors.


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