Cyolo raised investment from IBM Ventures

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The Tel Aviv-based platform Cyolo is a unified network and security system. Thanks to additional investment from IBM Ventures, its developers can modernize business authentication.

IBM provides cybersecurity expertise and resources in support of Cyolo’s Zero Trust Secure Access platform thanks to funding from the company.

Cyolo has raised $60 million in funding; additional funding will help the company expand their presence in the market. As of now, the company operates in Israel.

With the demand for identity-based access solutions growing, Cyolo is excited to partner with IBM to provide even greater cyber resilience to their extensive market reach. The company’s CEO and co-founder, Almog Apirion, jokingly said they look forward to working with IBM as they secure edge to core.

In modern workplaces that use digital technologies, it’s necessary to update security measures concerning connectivity and access to protect the work environment that’s distributed across the board.

Universal network access is unsafe in 84% of organizations due to identity-based cyber attacks.

Cyolo provides a flexible system to manage data and assets. It’s best used for specific needs like accessing individual resources.

Zero-Trust Network Access Solution

Next-generation zero-trust network access from Cyolo ensures productivity for organizations in both the IT and OT spaces. This is made possible thanks to the company’s solution, which enables anyone — including third-party workers, onsite employees and remote users — to securely connect to their workspace via modern identity-based access.

Cyolo’s single solution features seamless integration with the current tech stack and easy deployment in the cloud. This means the world’s workforce has access to files, servers, and applications from any device on local networks or in the cloud.

As remote workers in companies connect to each other, they face challenges and opportunities. Yaron Wolfsthal, the Head of IBM’s CoE for Cyber Security in Israel, states that the distributed model for workers and assets makes connecting and securing them difficult.

IBM Ventures Partner Ben Daniels states that their investment in Cyolo will help clients break down silos and provide secure access to their distributed environments.


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