Vianova collects €6M to solve complex mobility challenges

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A €6M Series A round of funding was announced on Thursday by Paris-based Vianova, a mobility data platform that pulls together data from multiple sources. Baloise provided most of the funding for the initiative.

In addition to XAnge, RATP Capital Innovation, Ponooc and Contrarian Ventures are other investors in the round.

Vianova plans to use the funds improve its mobility data platform and add more employees to its workforce. Additionally, they intend to increase their worldwide presence.

Co-founder and CEO Thibault Castagne of Vianova says their original goal was to bridge the gap between cities and transportation companies such as ride-hailing apps. However, the company’s scope has continued to expand since then. Today, they support many more clients and services.

Our new investors’ funding and expertise will help us continue our rapid expansion. It will also help us achieve our long-term goal of becoming the most versatile, multi-sided agnostic data platform— a place where producers of mobility data and consumers of mobility data can meet and collaborate to solve their problems. This will improve the lives of citizens through increased mobility data sharing.

About Vianova

Vianova is a startup founded in 2019 by Thibault Castagne, Frédéric Robinet and Thibaud Febvre. The company aims to provide data and tools to help public organizations and private companies solve the most difficult mobility challenges.

A French company uses cloud-based mobility analytics software powered by the Internet of Things and data from over 1 million connected vehicles every day. This advanced intelligence is provided to organizations that use the software.

Through Vianova’s Data Exchange, data scientists and urban planners can exchange information about their services in order to gather valuable insights. This information can then be used by fleet managers, data managers, insurance underwriters and more.

Vianova claims its creation of 120 new geofenced parking hubs for riders in Brussels led to a decrease in the amount of street patrols and unorganized street traffic by 30%. Additionally, these parking hubs provide riders with incentivized, no-go speed zones.

Platform Vianova claims that its data helps mobility operators better understand fleet usage and anticipate battery swaps. This is because data from the platform helps position fleets in the right areas at the right time. This also leads to more demand and higher usage.

In partnership with leading car manufacturers, the company recently created a Road Safety dashboard powered by machine learning. This system transparently identified road risks and helped cities to more rationally prioritize their Vision Zero efforts and strategies.

Baloise insurance core can work together with Vianova to expand the mobility ecosystem. The investment firm Guillermo Forteza points out that this partnership could provide access to more accurate data for both companies. This would help Baloise’s customers, who need transportation data to be more effective.

According to Healey, Vianova is laying the groundwork for a massive data network focused on transportation and logistics insurance. This system will function thanks to Frédéric, Thibaud and Thibault’s creation of a shared platform. As a result, this initiative has the potential to transform mobility initiatives into a beneficial force for society. They’re thrilled to fund them at such a crucial time in history.


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