Valve secures $4.5M to redefine future of flexible workspaces

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UK-based Valve, a global industry system for flexible workspaces, has grabbed $4.5 million in seed funding. The investment round was led by Project A alongside participation from Discovery Ventures.

Expansion Plans

The startups goal is to use the raised funds to increase their presence in North America and Europe. They decided to tap into the growing market for flexible workspace rentals; it’s the largest growing segment of commercial real estate valued at $30 billion. By 2030, it’s expected to be worth $300 billion.

Nick Roveta, the CEO of Valve, said that Valve’s system meets a logical need for everyone involved in the flexible workspace ecosystem. The system is designed to streamline how companies work together and grow their revenue— whether they’re landlords, operators, tech entrepreneurs or brokers.
Venture capitalist Anton Waitz believes it’s the perfect time to capitalize on the growing flexible workspace market. He attributes this to the fact that the young company is building the infrastructure layer of this market. In addition, Waitz commends Valve for having the right mindset, passion and speed when it comes to executing their mission and building a company that helps the entire industry thrive.

Tom Pilkington, JLL’s Head of Online Markets UK, stated that JLL’s partnership with Valve provided them with data and technology. This enabled them to provide their customers with market-leading services, access co-working spaces, and efficiently process flexible workspaces.

Powers Flexible Workspace Sales

Nick Roveta founded Valve in 2019. This company provides top-ranked sales, marketing and distribution solutions for landlords, operators and brokers involved in flexible workspace transactions. In addition to filling a gap in a highly fragmented market, Valve aims to enable both transacting parties to perform their transactions more efficiently.

By using the companies technology, real estate agents and suppliers can provide their salespeople with the best tools for selling. They can also use a centralize system to manage their inventory and distribute content. Additionally, they can receive bookings from traditional listing sites, brokerages and on-demand apps.
Valve provides real-time market intelligence, flexible workspace inventory, and an end-to-end booking API to brokers, booking platforms and portals. The company operates in over 250 cities across over 10,000 buildings for over 170 customers worldwide.


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