Vacation Rental Company Holidu Raises €100M

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Munich-based vacation rental company Holidu closed $100 million in funding through a Series E round led by 83North, which also invested in Celonis and Vertice. Additional investors included Northzone, HV Capital, Vintage Investment Partners, Commonfund Capital, Prime Ventures, EQT Ventures, Senovo, Lios Ventures and Possible Ventures.

Silicon Valley Bank and Claret Capital added €25 million worth of debt to the project’s round.

Holidu and Bookiply’s incorporation of new offices further expands their already successful roll-out of new offices. Additionally, this increase fuels the growth of Bookiply’s booking platform and upcoming products.

CEO Johannes Siebers believes their work provides genuine value to both hosts and guests. As a result, he believes that the company delivers exceptional guest satisfaction and host retention rates. Therefore, Roomi will expand their region-by-region approach into Europe’s larger and more attractive hosting market. Envisioning a massive enterprise is proving increasingly feasible with this latest round of financing. This shows investors have faith in the current business climate.

Recent acquisitions in Germany included my.IRS and Lohospo. This is why a month-old announcement came about.

Vacation Rental Platform

The Holidu booking platform was created in 2014 by two brothers Michael and Johannes Siebers. Additionally, Holidu produced software and services for hosts called Bookiply. This company offers booking services for vacation rentals.

Many small businesses use bookiply to increase their bookings without additional effort. Both local teams and the ground help these businesses easily add new customers.

From 2019 to 2022, revenues from Bookiply homes increased 13 times compared to the year prior to the pandemic. This increase was due to the fact that the number of homes managed by Bookiply increased from 5,000 to nearly 20,000 in the past three years.

Bookiply currently operates in 19 offices throughout Europe, each managing properties in several popular tourist spots. The company has hosted more than 110 million visitors in the last year. Additionally, its employees employ 500 people.

Michael Siebers, co-founder and CTO of Holidu, says his company always tries to solve people’s problems by using the best technologies and data. Their goal is to build a world-class software and service platform for hosts that makes their guests’ experience reliable and great.

Global venture capital firm 83North invests in early-stage companies that aim to create global leading companies. These businesses appear in all phases of development.

Laurel Bowden, a partner at 83North, notes that Holidu Team members are key to the fragmented vacation rental market. By serving this marketplace with high unit economics, they can bring the industry to the next level. The team’s forward-looking approach to a large roll-out makes them excited to be a part of the journey.


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