Tridek-One gets €16 million booster to restore the immune balance in patients

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Tridek-One gets €16 million booster to restore the immune balance in patients
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Tridek-One is a Paris-based biotech startup focusing its research and development on CD31 agonists. This was accelerated after the company raised $16 million in funding from Swisseven venture capital firm Pureos Bioventures through its Bioqube Ventures fund, Advent Life Sciences and Bpifrance’s InnoBio2 fund. Essentially, this means that Tridek-One is closer to developing immune system-balancing CD31 agonists.

The startup Immune Balance Restore was founded in 2018 by Dr. Giuseppina Caligiuri and Pr. Antonino Nicoletti. Their company develops immune checkflush agonists to help people living with auto-immune diseases restore their immune systems.

This company recently raised $3 million to continue their work. First, they’ll use the money to find potential development candidates for auto-immune diseases. They will also use it to perform studies that help them obtain Investigational Device Exemptions and further grow the organization.

Laurence de Schoulepnikoff, CEO of Tridek-One, said, “We plan to reach significant preliminary clinical milestones and build a biotech company for treating autoimmune diseases.”

Klaus Breiner, the managing partner of Pureos Bioventures, expressed his excitement for further developing the Tridek-One concept. He said there was a need for immune system rebalancing in many patients with autoimmune diseases. The CD31 receptor had the potential to perform this function without creating broader immunosuppression in patients.


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