TOPdesk from Netherlands secures €200M from CVC Growth Funds

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TOPdesk, a Delft-based service management provider, has announced a significant milestone in its growth journey, securing €200 million in funding. This investment, made by CVC Growth Funds, marks the first external capital infusion for the company while maintaining founder ownership.

Founded by CEO Wolter Smit and co-founder Frank Droogsma in the 1990s, TOPdesk has its roots in the firsthand experiences of its founders as programmers and helpdesk employees. Their shared vision led to the development of solutions addressing common helpdesk challenges. TOPdesk’s mission revolves around enhancing services for others, making them better, simpler, and smarter. With 10 million active SaaS users, the company is dedicated to supporting organizations in optimizing their services.


Strategic Partnership with CVC

The management service provider selected CVC as its strategic partner for the next phase of growth, citing CVC’s valuable expertise and focus on corporate social responsibility. With this round, CVC Growth Funds acquires a minority stake in TOPdesk and partners with co-founder and CEO Wolter Smit and CFO Rob Haaring to accelerate the company’s growth.

Co-founder’s Perspective

Co-founder Wolter Smit expressed satisfaction with the significant interest from numerous companies in TOPdesk’s software business. He highlighted the company’s stable growth, unique market position, and consistently satisfied customers as key factors making it an appealing partner. Smit shared his enthusiasm for the agreement with CVC, praising their passion for the company, its core values, and growth opportunities.

About CVC Growth

CVC, a global private markets manager with €177 billion in assets under management, operates through its private equity strategy. CVC Growth, a specialized arm focused on high-growth technology ventures, supports tech-enabled businesses in realizing their growth aspirations.

A New Chapter for TOPdesk

This funding round marks a new chapter in TOPdesk’s journey, positioning the company for further expansion and innovation in the service management sector. The strategic partnership with CVC Growth Funds is set to propel TOPdesk towards achieving its mission on a larger scale.


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