Timeline from Switzerland secures $66M in Series D Funding led by L’Oréal and Nestlé

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Timeline, a Lausanne-based consumer health biotech company developing healthy aging and longevity solutions, has secured $66M (approximately €60.62M) in an oversubscribed Series D funding round. The investment was led by L’Oréal’s venture capital fund, BOLD (Business Opportunities for L’Oréal Development), and Nestlé.

BOLD signals confidence in Timeline’s proprietary Mitopure technology for promoting longer, healthier lives. Barbara Lavernos, Deputy CEO and in charge of Research, Innovation, and Technology at L’Oréal, sees longevity as a new definition of beauty, intersecting different scientific disciplines. L’Oréal’s investment in Timeline is driven by the potential to transpose key hallmarks of longevity onto skin health and beauty.

Anna Mohl, CEO of Nestlé Health Science, has been impressed with Timeline since 2019 and supports the exponential potential of Mitopure technology for nutrition to help people age better.


About Timeline

Timeline, under parent company Amazentis, pioneers Swiss health science with its Mitopure ingredient for longevity. Utilizing over a decade of aging science expertise, the company integrates Mitopure into advanced nutritional supplements and skin health products. With extensive research, clinical studies, patents, and Nestlé Health Science’s investment since 2019, the biotech company aims to extend the human health span for a future of longer, healthier lives.

Utilization of Capital

Mitopure, supported by 15+ years of research, clinically targets cellular longevity by recycling and renewing mitochondria. Optimal mitochondrial function sustains cellular energy, benefiting muscle strength, cognition, immune resilience, skin vitality, and overall healthspan. The raised funds will propel the swiss firm into a leading longevity consumer health brand, focusing on expanding science, product categories, and market presence across the food, beauty, and health sectors.

CEO’s Perspective on Strategic Collaboration

Patrick Aebischer, co-founder and Chairman of Timeline, views the strategic collaboration as a reflection of the multidimensional approach necessary for meaningful advancements in longevity and healthspan. He thanks L’Oréal, Nestlé, and longstanding investors for their commitment to longevity solutions rooted in the highest level of science.

Advancing Longevity and Healthspan

The Startup’s Series D funding round marks a significant advancement in the field of longevity and healthspan. With the support of major investors like L’Oréal and Nestlé, Timeline is set to lead in developing solutions for healthier aging.


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