Munich’s FinTech Startup Tidely Raises a Staggering €3.5 Million in Seed Funding

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Tidely, a FinTech company established in 2021, is currently working on an advanced AI-powered platform designed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in monitoring their liquidity status in real-time. This platform also includes the ability to generate future predictions and liquidity scenarios to help SMEs stay ahead of potential financial hurdles. By providing SMEs with real-time liquidity insights and advanced analytical tools, Tidely aims to help these businesses make better-informed decisions and increase their chances of success.

Tidely’s founders, Niclas Storz, Dr. Jörg Haller, and Archibald Sheran recognized the problem with outdated liquidity planning tools, such as Excel, that are complex and prone to human error. With liquidity planning being a critical factor in the success or failure of a company, tidely’s AI-powered platform provides real-time insights to make informed decisions and stabilize measures if necessary. No more incorrect assumptions, only accurate data exportable as reports at any time.


The Munich-based FinTech company, has seen a high demand from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking their services. Despite only being in business for seven months, the German startup has attracted around 500 SMEs as customers since entering the market with a free beta version. Tidely, which currently has only 20 employees, has already implemented financing solutions to help these businesses address their liquidity bottlenecks. This early success is a promising sign for the startup and a reflection of the need for their services in the SME market.

Tidely has secured a significant seed financing of €3.5 million, with lead investor TX Ventures and several existing investors participating again. The capital infusion will enable the company to further enhance its product, expand marketing and distribution channels, and bolster its team. This funding will enable them to pursue its mission of improving liquidity planning for SMEs more effectively and efficiently.


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