U.S based Thoughtworks introduces European AI Hub to catalyze Innovation with AI Solutions

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U.S based Thoughtworks introduces European AI Hub to catalyze Innovation with AI Solutions
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Thoughtworks, headquartered in Chicago, renowned as a technology consultancy seamlessly fusing strategy, design, and engineering to propel digital innovation, has revealed the inauguration of its European Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub.

Providing an array of services, the hub is designed to assist European executives in crafting AI-driven solutions meticulously aligned with their business strategies and objectives.

Mikko Rekola, CTO of Bolt.Works, attests, “Our partnership with Thoughtworks has been exceptionally fruitful from the very beginning. They formulated a comprehensive strategy and jump-started our AI initiatives by leveraging contemporary technologies. The outcomes have positively impacted every facet of our business, not only saving us significant time but also elevating the quality of service we offer to our valued customers.”

Empowering Europe in Crafting AI-Powered Solutions

The AI Hub’s mission goes beyond mere efficiency gains; it nurtures a culture of innovation. Its focus extends to showcasing AI’s potential in revolutionizing strategic decision-making and product innovation.

This hub advocates for a collaborative synergy between AI and humans, with AI functioning as a supportive “technology co-worker” that amplifies human capabilities instead of replacing them.

Peter Buhrmann, Managing Director of Thoughtworks Europe, states, “The rapid evolution of AI in business necessitates the formulation of an AI strategy to guide companies through the noise towards tangible business benefits.”

“Thoughtworks Europe’s AI Hub comprehensively addresses all facets of AI, encompassing generative AI, and establishes a critical nexus between AI, business strategy, and implementation. We ensure that our clients transcend the hype cycle to drive significant impact within a future oriented around more human-centric AI,” Buhrmann adds.

The European AI Hub offers a holistic approach to enterprises, amalgamating business strategy, AI services centered on human needs, and technical proficiency. Its array of services guarantees that AI investments are synchronized with business value and technological progress.

With modular solutions encompassing portfolio management, AI maturity assessment, risk evaluation, and identification of use cases, this hub aids enterprises in crafting and executing effective AI strategies.

About Thoughtworks

Founded in 1993, Thoughtworks stands as a global technology consultancy seamlessly merging strategy, design, and engineering to empower businesses and technological trailblazers to flourish.

Leveraging their extensive experience, Thoughtworks assists clients in maneuvering through transformative changes. Employing data, Artificial Intelligence, and versatile technology platforms, they generate value and offer “extraordinary” digital products and experiences on a substantial scale.

With a workforce exceeding 11,500 professionals spread across 51 offices spanning 18 countries, the company boasts a thirty-year legacy of collaborating with clients to tackle complex business hurdles, distinguishing itself through technology.


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