Spotr from Netherlands secures €4.5M to develop the World’s largest Image-Driven Property Database

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Spotr from Netherlands secures €4.5M to develop the World's largest Image-Driven Property Database
©  Spotr, based in The Hague, has successfully raised €4.5M in funding to create the world’s most extensive image-driven property database. This innovative approach uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to revolutionize how property data is collected and maintained, aiming to significantly enhance asset management for energy efficiency and decentralized energy production.

The funding round, led by EDF Pulse Ventures, Volta Ventures, and InnovationQuarter, will enable Spotr to expand its groundbreaking technology further. The company plans to use the investment to scale its operations and extend its services to the insurance industry, aiming to inspect 15 million properties within the next two years.


Leadership’s Ambition

Co-founders Dirk Huibers, Tara Campagne, and Marieke Dijksma envision transforming the property tech sector by making comprehensive property inspections feasible on a large scale. Traditional methods inspect less than 2% of properties annually, but the company’s goal is to inspect 100% of properties each year, addressing critical issues like underinsurance and the transition to carbon neutrality.


Founded in 2015, the dutch company employs machine learning and AI to perform large-scale image inspections, creating digital twins for every property in a portfolio. This method sets the firm apart in the industry, offering a scalable solution to identify key property characteristics efficiently.

With this new funding, the startup is set to revolutionize the property inspection industry, making strides towards creating a more sustainable and efficiently managed property landscape.


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