Sinergy Flow lands €1.8M for low-cost, high-efficiency flow battery

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Sinergy Flow lands €1.8M for low-cost, high-efficiency flow battery
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Sinergy Flow is a startup based in Milan that develops sustainable, low-cost, and high-efficiency flow batteries. They’re intended to reshape the production, storage, and distribution of electricity. The batteries can last more than 20 hours and are intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by energy production.

€1.8M Investment

Sinergy Flow received €1.8 million in funding from the 360 Capital French-Italian venture capital firm and Poli360 fund. This was done in partnership with A+360, a fund dedicated to energy transition, and Politecnico di Milano. Additionally, Tech4Planet — the National Technology Transfer Pole for Sustainability hosted by CDP Venture Capital SGR through the Technology Transfer Fund — secured €1.8 million in funding from 360 Capital and A2A, a fund dedicated to energy transition.

Sinergy Flow plans to expand the workforce by using the funding to pursue research and development. They will also scale their product, proving the technology in a real-world setting. Following that, they’ll prepare for mass production.

Sinergy Flow CEO and Founder Alessandra Accogli believes that her company’s long-term, low-cost energy storage technology will make the energy transition possible. They strongly believe this because of the magnitude of change it represents.

360 Capital General Partner Fausto Boni stated they are happy to work with Sinergy Flow on their common goal; to reduce carbon emissions and LDES. Their partnership represents a revolutionary new approach to batteries and an optimistic international story made in Italy. They hope this startup can create global changes with their innovative energy storage and materials reuse.

Claudia Pingue, the Head of CDP Venture Capital’s Technology Transfer Fund, believes that Sinergy Flow is a particularly important startup in regards to decarbonizing the world. The reason for this is that the company operates in the segment of energy storage— one of the fundamental building blocks towards achieving this goal. Furthermore, they have an outstanding team with a great propensity for business development and internationalization. As a result, Tech4Planet— the National Technology Transfer Pole for Sustainability — was created to support the growth of promising technologies born in Italian research centers.

Enables Energy Transition

Sinergy Flow was founded in 2022 by Alessandra Accogli, Gabriele Panzeri and Matteo Salerno as a board composed of three people: themselfes and two representatives of VC funds. The company plans to add new team members to the mix within the next six months.

Sinergy Flow’s patented battery concept uses earth-abundant materials and costs less than other competitors. Its goal is to provide a circular economy battery with high efficiency that doesn’t cost more than competitors. A redox flow battery powered by Sinergy Flow’s concept is completely compliant with the principles of a Circular Economy. The company has found a way to create this battery using waste materials from petrochemical plants or sulfur— low-cost and abundant materials that can be found around the world.


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