Simbel raised €4M for its staff learning solution aimed at SMBs

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Simbel’s Paris-based learning and development program identifies individual learning and development needs through periodic performance reviews. This naturally upsets many employees, as they believe their feedback will be ignored. However, these programs often succeed because they truly benefit employees by improving both their work performance and efficiency.

By providing the best training from the most up-to-date providers, this program makes learning and development easy for small businesses. It also helps HR simplify all their L&D operations and measure the effectiveness of their training.

Focus On Product Development

A €4 million seed round for the creation of Simbel was financed by investors including Brighteye, Speedinvest, and Surfboard. Also participating were edtech investor Brighteye, eFounders co-founder Thibaud Elziere, Figures co-founder Virgile Ringeart, Stupeflix co-founder Nicolas Steegmann and Prestashop co-founder Alexandre Eruimy. These angels provided financial support to the project that aims to create a digital entertainment hub in France.

Using the money will help businesses change to remain relevant as the world changes around them. This will increase the development of Simbel’s products.

Simbel launched from closed beta and has since been available to small businesses across Europe.

The reality is that small business HR teams often only have the time to handle a single or few responsibilities. Loic Jourdain, co-founder and CEO of Simbel, said that HR teams need to manage learning and development, organize internal and external learning sessions, and even inspire their teams.

Expert employees are key to maintaining competitive edge in today’s fast-paced work environment. Because of the difficulty of this task, larger companies find it difficult; even resource-strapped SMBs have trouble finding the right employees. Jeroen Arts, a member of the Marketplaces & Consumer team at Speedinvest, attributes the success of Simbel’s learning & development platform to the company’s dedication to this goal. Over 200,000 small businesses in Europe use their service thanks to this initiative.

Brighteye’s David Guérin believed in the vision of L&D for small businesses by way of Simbel. The company is hosted by Charles and Loïc, who are determined, methodical and highly knowledgeable. Their unique insight into the untapped L&D space for small business owners has led them to build a highly functional product that allows employees to easily access the best-in-class training providers. The product resonated with Guérin and his team because it could be the L&D standard for small businesses.

All-In-One Staff Learning Solution

Loïc Jourdain and Charles Gras founded Simbel in 2021 after working together on creating large business and department jobs for smaller businesses and corporations. They combined Jourdain’s experience managing Stootie’s business operations and Gras’ experience building L&D solutions for smaller corporations and businesses.

It’s a team made up of representatives from Morocco, Madagascar and France.
The all-in-one SimbelHR allows HR teams to seamlessly run learning and development projects. This is done through a central hub of curated educational materials that make sure employees have access to the best training options.

The company teamed with their first clients Roland Berger and Blablacar while in beta. Since then, they announced partnerships with the best software platforms for small business HR and talent development.


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