Silo AI Expands Influence in Benelux and Western Europe with Acquisition of Machine2Learn in Amsterdam

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Silo AI Expands Influence in Benelux and Western Europe with Acquisition of Machine2Learn in Amsterdam
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Silo AI, an AI lab headquartered in Helsinki specializing in AI-driven solutions and products, made an official announcement on Wednesday, June 21st, regarding its acquisition of Machine2Learn, a prominent Machine Learning company based in Amsterdam.

With Silo AI’s recent expansion into Canada earlier this year, the acquisition serves as another significant achievement in the company’s ongoing global growth strategy.

What are the offerings provided by Machine2Learn?

Machine2Learn, established in 2017 by Dr. Ali Bahramisharif and Tom Heskes, a professor at Radboud University, is a research-driven company specializing in custom solutions based on machine vision and machine learning. Their primary focus lies in machinery and process quality control.

The company excels in simplifying the deployment, management, and maintenance of machine learning applications. Machine2Learn’s machine vision solutions offer critical quality control data for various industries, including equipment, manufacturing, logistics, and semiconductors. Noteworthy clients such as AkzoNobel, T-Mobile, and Unilever have benefited from their expertise.

Both founders are prominent figures in the field of AI research. Prof. Heskes, with an h-index of 55 and a long-term editorship at Neurocomputing, is an internationally recognized specialist and a pioneer in machine learning research. Bahramisharif previously served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam and held a leadership position at Scyfer, a machine learning spin-off company acquired by Qualcomm in 2017.

Regarding the acquisition, Bahramisharif expresses satisfaction, stating, “I am delighted with this new chapter in our company’s journey. Silo AI’s remarkable ability to establish a rapidly growing and profitable AI company is truly impressive.” He further emphasizes the benefits gained from the acquisition, such as enhanced support for business and sales development, as well as the opportunity to cater to larger clients. Bahramisharif highlights the alignment between Silo AI’s vision of European digital sovereignty and their own values, emphasizing the foundation of European values, culture, and trustworthiness.

Together, they are enthusiastic about building Silo AI into Europe’s leading AI company, as stated by Bahramisharif.


Purpose of the Acquisition

Silo AI’s acquisition of Machine2Learn serves the purpose of enhancing their ability to cater to existing clients in the region and meet the growing demand for AI solutions.

Through this deal, Silo AI strengthens its presence in the Benelux area and expands its reach throughout Western Europe. By joining forces with the esteemed team of AI professionals at Machine2Learn, led by Dr. Ali Bahramisharif and Prof. Tom Heskes from Radboud University, Silo AI takes a significant step towards achieving its mission of establishing a leading AI company in Europe.

Peter Sarlin, CEO and co-founder of Silo AI, expresses the importance of this partnership, stating, “Collaborating with Ali, Tom, and their team is a crucial milestone in our journey to build a flagship AI company in Europe. The impressive client base of Machine2Learn, their world-class team, strong ties with universities, and shared company culture make us a natural fit as we expand across Europe.” Sarlin also emphasizes that this acquisition aligns with their objective of ensuring European digital sovereignty, particularly in building a leading team in generative AI and LLM (Life-Long Learning Models) in the region.

Seppo Kuula, Managing Director of Services at Silo AI, highlights the significance of proximity to customers in facilitating co-creation in AI development. He further emphasizes that Machine2Learn’s expertise in deploying machine learning in production, coupled with their close ties to cutting-edge AI research, strengthens Silo AI’s offerings and supports their international growth in the Benelux region.

The leading private AI laboratories in Europe

Silo AI asserts itself as a leading private AI laboratory in Europe, serving as a trusted AI partner that imparts a competitive edge to product research and development. Their focus lies in constructing AI-powered solutions and products that empower intelligent devices, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and smart cities.

Through Silo AI, businesses gain access to a wealth of AI expertise and the Silo OS infrastructure, accelerating the pace of AI development and deployment.

Founded in 2017, Silo AI is dedicated to establishing itself as a prominent AI company in Europe, with existing offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland. They are committed to their mission of building a flagship AI enterprise in the region.


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