ShippyPro anchors a $15M Investment to streamline Global Shipping

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ShippyPro anchors a €14M Investment to streamline Global Shipping
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Florence-based ShippyPro, a leader in all-in-one shipping management software, has announced a significant boost to its expansion plans with a $15M Series B funding round led by Five Elms Capital.

The recent injection of funds is poised to propel the expansion of the Florence-based firm ShippyPro on a global scale, spurring its drive for innovation to emerge as the core shipping platform for various brands.

Francesco Borghi, ShippyPro’s co-founder and CEO, remarks on the dynamic shift in commerce prompted by the simplicity of one-click shopping, which now transcends international borders.

ShippyPro, conceived with universality in mind, aims to catalyze the global growth of its clients, facilitating their shift to a more integrated omnichannel business model, complete with services like in-store shipping, store returns, and expedited same-day delivery, Borghi further elaborates.


ShippyPro: Streamlining Your Shipping Operations

Co-founded in 2016 by CEO Francesco Borghi and CTO Lorenzo Rogai, was established to simplify the shipping process for businesses by optimizing the fulfilment workflow.

Functioning as a comprehensive shipping control center, ShippyPro aids merchants globally in dispatching, tracking, and managing returns for e-commerce orders. The Italian firm has developed a versatile, multi-carrier system that streamlines the entire shipping process, offering brands significant savings in both time and costs.

Leveraging data analytics, the Italian startup enables brands to choose the best shipping services, automate label creation, and monitor deliveries to improve customer satisfaction and achieve a competitive advantage.

With the industry’s most extensive network, the firm integrates over 165 carriers and 85 sales channels, providing brands with a broad spectrum of shipping options.

Servicing thousands of customers across more than 36 countries, the company processes millions of shipments monthly. High-profile clients, including Diesel, Guess, and Venchi, use ShippyPro to refine their shipping processes and enhance the consumer experience.

Recently, the company introduced two innovative products: one streamlining Out-of-home deliveries, offering consumers the convenience of picking up their orders at various local collection points, and the ShippyPro Data Optimise suite, a business intelligence tool granting brands detailed insights and management capabilities over their shipping data.

About the Investor

Five Elms Capital specializes in growth investments, supplying capital and strategic support to businesses to hasten their growth and solidify their standing as market leaders.

With a presence in North America and Europe, Five Elms channels investments into leading software platforms around the world.

Stephanie Schneider, a Partner at Five Elms, praises the startup’s indispensable offerings that attract illustrious global brands as clientele, noting, “ShippyPro continues to deliver a mission-critical solution that its customers can’t live without, as evidenced by some of the impressive global brands that rely on the software today.”


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