RoomRaccoon’s bold Move to dominate the Hotel Industry – iHotelligence Acquisition shakes up the Market

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RoomRaccoon, a Dutch hotel technology firm based in Breda, has recently acquired Dublin-based iHotelligence, a provider of property management software. This move is part of RoomRaccoon’s strategy to expand its presence in the Irish market. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Tymen van Dyl, the founder and CEO of RoomRaccoon, views the acquisition as a significant step towards becoming a global leader in hotel management software. The technology company from Netherlands, which currently serves over 2,000 hoteliers and manages 25,000 rooms worldwide, expects this new partnership to aid in its continued growth.


RoomRaccoon’s Commitment to the Irish Market

Van Dyl expressed that acquiring iHotelligence is a key milestone, emphasizing their commitment to growing in the Irish market and offering advanced technology to hoteliers to enhance revenue, streamline operations, and improve guest experiences. He anticipates that this acquisition will substantially increase their customer base in Ireland, establishing RoomRaccoon as a leading player in the region’s hotel management software market.

Plans for Expansion Beyond Ireland

While consolidating its position in Ireland, the company also has ambitious plans for broader expansion in Europe and North America. The acquisition of iHotelligence marks the first major venture of RoomRaccoon’s internal M&A department. Founded in 2017, RoomRaccoon has remained financially independent since its inception.

iHotelligence: A Key Player in Hotel Management Systems

iHotelligence, founded in 2012 by Keith Slowey, developed the iHotel Property Management System (PMS), a comprehensive management information system designed for hoteliers. The company offers a range of software products, including an on-site property management system, a booking engine, and a channel manager, catering to a diverse clientele of boutique and independent hotels in Ireland.

The Future of Hotel Management with RoomRaccoon and iHotelligence

Slowey commented on the acquisition, noting RoomRaccoon’s dedication to expanding in Ireland and delivering superior technology solutions to Irish hoteliers. He believes the partnership will greatly benefit hotels currently using iHotelligence by providing them with a unified cloud-based platform with advanced features to enhance operational efficiency and revenue.

RoomRaccoon: A Leader in Hotel Management Solutions

The hotel management system (HMS) is said to offer significant advantages to Irish hoteliers, including dynamic pricing tools, automated upsell features, efficient housekeeping management, and other functionalities aimed at boosting revenue, streamlining operations, and elevating the guest experience.

The Vision Behind RoomRaccoon

The dutch company positions itself as a leading hotel management system for independent hotels and accommodation businesses, serving thousands of properties with its cloud-based platform. The company, founded by a hotel owner and tech entrepreneur, offers a comprehensive suite of products and boasts over 400 integrations, making it one of the most connected solutions in the market.


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