RiskSmart launches in the UK after £1M Funding

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A company based in Manchester called RiskSmart has launched in the UK after receiving £1 million from other large investors, along with NPIF Maven Equity Finance. RiskSmart is an integrated risk management platform.

The company says that risk professionals are having to deal with complicated, expensive, disconnected, and data-poor systems. They have to keep businesses safe with ever-changing regulations, while trying to keep up.

The Founder, Ryan, had experience as a Fintech lawyer and Chief Risk Officer. His experience with people overcomplicating risk caused the creation of RiskSmart.

Simplifies risk for SMEs

Michael Aldred, who has worked in FinTech risk management services for a long time, teamed up with Ryan Swann to found RiskSmart.

SMEs have not been well served in the industry with expensive and complicated platforms and processes. The UK startup aims to make risk management simpler and more accessible for these businesses.

RiskSmart uses data and artificial intelligence technology to offer centralized, automated risk management. This makes risk management more consistent and enables businesses to be more resilient and confident.

The firm has a senior management team, including:

  • Matthew Rudd – Head of Product 
  • Emma Bamford – Head of Customer Success
  • Jonathan Sabinsky – Head of Sales & Marketing

RiskSmart is a risk management company that helps businesses succeed by providing state-of-the-art risk management services. Ryan Swann founded RiskSmart because he saw a need in the market for improved risk management and legal services. RiskSmart helps compliance and legal teams digitize their services.

Maven and the National Portfolio Investment Fund joined together to invest in RiskSmart, a risk management solution company. Their Senior Investment Manager, Dean Cox, says that this is a great investment for both Maven and NPIF, as there is a need for risk management solutions for smaller businesses. RiskSmart’s team has experience in the SME sector, and the goal of this investment is to help them develop an enterprise product that can be sold to larger companies.


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