Resolve Ventures introduces €30M Fund aimed at Irish Tech Startups addressing Climate Change

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Resolve Ventures introduces €30M Fund aimed at Irish Tech Startups addressing Climate Change
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Resolve Ventures, a capital fund management firm in Ireland, has launched a new €30M ‘Climate Impact Fund’. Supported by the Irish Innovation Seed Fund and endorsed by the European Investment Fund, Enterprise Ireland, and NTMA Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, this initiative aims to bolster early-stage Irish companies.

Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment, Simon Coveney, emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting nascent companies, noting the importance of this investment for the Irish market and its alignment with the government’s goal to foster an ecosystem of successful, globally-oriented Irish businesses focused on technology, innovation, and quality employment.

The fund will provide support and guidance to companies specializing in sustainable and climate technologies across various sectors, including energy, agriculture, mobility, construction, smart consumerism, and resource management.


Anticipating Outcomes: Insights into the New Fund’s Impact

In the current climate and biodiversity crisis, impactful investments are essential for sustainable global development. Irish businesses, utilizing a technology ecosystem, have the potential to significantly contribute to carbon reduction.

Resolve Ventures, established by David Scanlon and Alan Costello in 2023, is dedicated to nurturing and expanding sustainability startups to achieve rapid decarbonisation in accordance with legal targets. The company will focus on creating a portfolio of nature-positive, equitable solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Scanlon emphasizes the importance of investing in innovative tech solutions for decarbonizing food, energy, transport, and consumption systems, highlighting both environmental and economic benefits in line with the National Development Plan and Climate Action Plan. Resolve Ventures’ mission is to develop a portfolio of startups that leverage market opportunities while making a substantial impact on carbon reduction and preserving the planet for future generations.


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