Finland’s RELEX Solutions expands Retail and Supply Chain Capabilities with Acquisition of Optimity

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Finland's RELEX Solutions expands Retail and Supply Chain Capabilities with Acquisition of Optimity
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RELEX Solutions, a leader in supply chain and retail planning solutions based in Helsinki, has announced its strategic acquisition of Optimity, a Swedish company specializing in supply chain planning and optimization. This move significantly enhances the capabilities of the finish company in the retail and supply chain sector, particularly in daily production planning, optimization, and scheduling.

Optimity brings nearly two decades of expertise in supply chain planning to the table. Its software suite, designed for intricate supply chains, includes demand planning, production scheduling, supply planning, distribution planning, inventory optimization, and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). This acquisition allows the finish company to offer a more comprehensive solution to its clients, particularly in the food & beverage and complex manufacturing industries.


Complementary Expertise for Enhanced Solutions

The integration of Optimity’s offerings into the finish platform is a key aspect of this acquisition. The experience of the swedish firm with over 80 customers in the food & beverage and manufacturing sectors complements RELEX’s existing expertise, enabling the company to provide synchronized daily production planning and optimization solutions.

Leadership Perspectives on the Acquisition

Mikko Kärkkäinen, co-founder and group CEO of RELEX, emphasized the dynamic nature of the consumer goods industry and the need for linking downstream demand with upstream planning. Christer Liden, CEO of Optimity, highlighted the synergy between their expertise and RELEX’s understanding of consumer demand, foreseeing a fruitful integration of their services.

The Background

RELEX Solutions, founded in 2005 by supply chain scientists Mikko Kärkkäinen, Johanna Småros, and Michael Falck, was established with the goal of enhancing the efficiency and adaptability of the consumer goods value chain. The company has been dedicated to reducing waste in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing operations through data-driven and algorithmically powered solutions.

The Impact of the Acquisition

This acquisition marks a significant step for the company from Finland in its journey to become a more comprehensive provider in the retail and supply chain sector. By combining forces with Optimity, the firm is poised to offer enhanced solutions that drive profitability and efficiency for clients in the consumer goods industry.


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