TASARU Mobility Investments supports Zagreb’s Project 3 Mobility with Series A Funding

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Project 3 Mobility, a Zagreb-based innovator in urban autonomous mobility, has successfully closed its Series A investment round, cumulatively raising approximately €100M from private investors. This round marks the first investment by TASARU Mobility Investments (TASARU), a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), in the next-generation technology sector outside of Saudi Arabia.

The investment from TASARU will be instrumental in accelerating the development and delivery of Project 3 Mobility’s urban autonomous mobility ecosystem. This funding will also facilitate the expansion of the team, supporting the company’s growth trajectory in the coming years.


A Diverse Investor Base

Project 3 Mobility has previously garnered support from a range of investors, including Kia, SiteGround, Infinum, and Rimac Group, with additional key investors such as Neurone and Elaf Auto. This diverse investor base underscores the broad confidence in Project 3 Mobility’s vision and technology.

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility

Project 3 Mobility is at the forefront of developing a new urban mobility ecosystem designed to enhance mobility patterns and transportation systems in urban areas. The ecosystem comprises three main components: autonomous electric vehicles, specialized infrastructure, and a comprehensive service platform. Moreover, the company plans to establish a production facility in Croatia for large-scale manufacturing of autonomous electric vehicles.

Global Expansion Plans

With agreements already signed with five cities and ongoing communications with 35 other cities worldwide, Project 3 Mobility is poised for significant global expansion. The company’s innovative approach to urban mobility aims to revolutionize mobility and enhance the quality of life in urban areas, with significant benefits anticipated for Zagreb, Croatia, and other cities globally.

A Milestone for Urban Mobility Innovation

CEO Marko Pejković expressed gratitude for the successful investment round and the strong support from global strategic and financial investors. The company’s ability to attract renowned investors in a challenging environment for startups reflects the confidence in its vision and team. The successful closure of this investment round is a testament to the value of Project 3 Mobility’s project, which aims to bring revolutionary changes to mobility and improve urban living standards.

With the backing of TASARU and other investors, Project 3 Mobility is set to continue attracting private capital and making a positive impact on communities through its innovative urban mobility solutions.


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