Orakl Oncology secures $3.1 Million to advance Techio Platform for accelerated Cancer Drug Development

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Orakl Oncology secures $3.1 Million to advance Techio Platform for accelerated Cancer Drug Development
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Orakl Oncology, a precision oncology drug discovery startup headquartered in France, has disclosed a successful $3.1 million funding round dedicated to advancing its techbio platform. This innovative platform seamlessly blends biological insights with real-world patient data to model tumors, significantly expediting the process of oncology drug development.

The recent funding round was spearheaded by Speedinvest, with active participation from HCVC and Verve Ventures.

Dr. Fanny Jaulin, CEO and co-founder of Orakl Oncology, articulates the company’s aspirations, stating, “Our vision is to establish ourselves as a global leader in the techbio field, harnessing the most advanced collection of tumor avatars to revolutionize oncology drug development and facilitate the delivery of faster, more intelligent, and cost-effective treatments to patients.”

She further expresses her satisfaction with the overwhelmingly positive response to the fundraising round, extending gratitude to all investors for their unwavering support.

Orakl Oncology employs tumor avatars that amalgamate cutting-edge biology with comprehensive clinical and molecular data. Their techbio platform empowers oncology experts to identify critical targets and expedite the drug development process.


Ranked as the Third Top Cancer Center Globally

In the realm of oncology, a significant challenge lies in the delayed introduction of drug candidates to patients, resulting in a staggering 96 percent failure rate in clinical trials and missed opportunities for cancer treatment.

The future of cancer treatment and drug development pivots on recognizing the distinctiveness of each tumor. To bridge this gap, Orakl Oncology employs a blend of cell biology, engineering, and machine learning to craft personalized tumor avatars, emulating real drug responses.

Orakl Oncology’s continually expanding collection of avatars captures the intricate and diverse nature of cancer on a vast scale, serving as a valuable resource for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the discovery of novel therapeutic targets and predictive biomarkers. This, in turn, enhances the success rates of clinical trials.

Founded in 2023 by Dr. Fanny Jaulin, along with her colleagues Diane-Laure Pagès and Gustave Ronteix, Orakl Oncology emerged as a spin-out from the prestigious Gustave Roussy Institute, ranked as the third-best cancer center globally. With an ambitious vision, the company sets its sights on the global oncology market.

Prof. Fabrice Barlesi, General Director of Gustave Roussy, expresses pride in Orakl Oncology, stating, “We are immensely proud of Gustave-Roussy’s spin-out, Orakl Oncology. They aim to revolutionize precision oncology by forging key academic and pharmaceutical partnerships to expedite drug development, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.”

Orakl Oncology’s research and treatment focus is primarily on colorectal and pancreatic cancers, both of which rank as the second leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide.

Setting Up Wet and Dry Labs

With the recent funding secured, Orakl Oncology is poised to develop its wet and dry lab facilities. The company has strategic plans to bring onboard key personnel, including a senior oncology scientist, organoid scientists, a head of the lab, an automation engineer, and an AI research scientist.

This strategic recruitment effort will equip the company to embark on its inaugural collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech partners.

Investor Insights

“Andrea Zitna, partner at Speedinvest, remarks, ‘Orakl’s co-founders possess an impressive blend of scientific expertise, visionary ambition, and entrepreneurial zeal. We were truly impressed by the company’s prowess in both dry and wet lab techniques, the exceptional quality of their biobank, and the extent of their exclusive partnership with Gustave Roussy. We’re absolutely thrilled to be part of this exciting journey with them,’ Zitna adds.”

Xavier Mesnier, Principal at Verve Ventures, echoes a similar sentiment, stating, “The cornerstone of advancing drug discovery lies in having a precise and scalable representation of biology and heterogeneity within the patient population. Orakl’s innovative tumour avatar platform achieves precisely this on a large scale by seamlessly integrating patient samples with cutting-edge automation and machine learning technologies.”


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