One Click LCA from Finland secures €40M to boost sustainable Building and Manufacturing Solutions

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One Click LCA from Finland secures €40M to boost sustainable Building and Manufacturing Solutions
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One Click LCA, a Helsinki-based platform focusing on decarbonisation in the construction and manufacturing sectors, has recently announced a significant €40M funding from PSG Equity (PSG) and InfraVia Capital Partners.

This Finnish firm plans to allocate the investment towards enhancing research and development, speeding up the rollout of enterprise solutions, expanding its global footprint, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Highlighting the urgency of climate change, Panu Pasanen, the founder and CEO of One Click LCA, points out the need to significantly escalate efforts to reduce carbon emissions in construction and manufacturing. This is especially critical given the projected doubling of global building stock in the next forty years, which is expected to generate 230 gigatons of embodied carbon.

Pasanen believes that the collaboration with PSG and InfraVia signals a new era of growth for One Click LCA, aiming to support a million users with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and other sustainability-focused software solutions.


One Click LCA’s Mission: Reducing Carbon Footprint in Construction and Manufacturing Industries

One Click LCA, established by Pasanen in 2001, is a technology firm dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in the construction and manufacturing sectors through user-friendly and automated life-cycle assessments (LCA).

The company’s software is widely utilized for assessing and minimizing the environmental impact of various projects, including new buildings, infrastructure developments, renovations, and manufactured products.

One Click LCA connects all players in the construction value chain, from property portfolio owners to product manufacturers, employing a scientific method for measuring, reporting, and decreasing carbon emissions. This is achieved by calculating sustainability metrics for both projects and products within the built environment.

Additionally, the platform assists manufacturers in creating and publishing externally verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and offers tools for evaluating circularity, life-cycle costs, and biodiversity impacts.

The solution is globally recognized, being used in over 150 countries. One Click LCA’s decarbonization platform is supported by a comprehensive global database containing more than 200,000 LCA datasets and adheres to over 70 standards and certifications, including LEED, BREEAM, GRESB, and various national regulations.

Moreover, the platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with over 15 leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software tools, such as Autodesk Revit, Tekla Structures, and Bentley iTwin, enhancing its utility in the industry.

About the Investor

PSG Equity (PSG), a growth equity firm, specializes in partnering with software and technology-enabled service companies. Their focus is on guiding these businesses through significant growth phases, capitalizing on strategic opportunities, and developing robust teams. PSG Equity has supported over 130 companies and been instrumental in over 470 add-on acquisitions.

Dany Rammal, Managing Director and Head of Europe at PSG, expresses enthusiasm about partnering with Panu and the One Click LCA team. He highlights PSG’s commitment to supporting One Click LCA’s international expansion and product development for industry decarbonization, citing PSG’s expertise in growing international software companies as a key asset in bolstering One Click LCA’s leading role in global construction decarbonization.

InfraVia Capital Partners (InfraVia) is an independent private equity firm with a focus on real assets and technology investments. The firm assists entrepreneurs and companies in their growth phases, facilitating business expansion and transforming them into leading platforms. Since its inception in 2008, InfraVia has raised €12B in capital and invested in over 50 companies across Europe.

Alban Wyniecki, Partner at InfraVia, recognizes the significant potential for One Click LCA as the world moves towards carbon neutrality. He emphasizes InfraVia’s extensive experience in the infrastructure and construction industry through its long-standing infrastructure investment strategy. Wyniecki is excited about supporting One Click LCA and Panu in introducing sustainable practices within their ecosystem and the wider construction and manufacturing industry.


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