Revolutionary Dutch-based SME Stock Exchange Platform NPEX scores massive €2M funding boost

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On Friday, NPEX BV, based in The Hague, revealed that it has secured a whopping €2 million in a brand new funding round for its secure trading platform. The CEO Mark van der Plas and other existing investors led the way, while a fresh face, Icecat Capital, also contributed with almost 10% of the stake. This game-changing news is set to shake up the finance industry!

Utilization of the Investment

NPEX has announced that the freshly raised capital will be utilized to expand the platform and create additional opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This stock market brings entrepreneurs and investors together to provide funding, impact, and financial benefits. Through the issuance of bonds and depositary receipts for shares, SMEs can now access the platform to raise funds. These securities are then tradable on the NPEX stock exchange. The platform has already facilitated the collection of over €170M for SMEs.

Mark van der Plas, the CEO of NPEX, expressed his pleasure over Icecat Capital’s investment and their confidence in the platform. He believes this investment will help the startup realize its goal of making the capital market more accessible to SMEs while improving the platform where retail and institutional investors can trade securities.


What form of support will Icecat NV offer to NPEX?

Icecat NV is a global provider of product information to online stores and retailers, with the aim of improving the online shopping experience. Through Icecat Capital, the company invests in promising Software as a Service (SaaS) and platform companies, such as VirtuaGym in the previous year.

By investing in NPEX, Icecat Capital is demonstrating its confidence in the exchange platform’s potential and its ability to benefit SMEs. Martijn Hoogeveen, CEO of Icecat, expressed his excitement over the financing options that the company offers to small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Our investment in the company is intended to support the platform’s further development and help provide even more SMEs with access to the capital market, not only in the Netherlands but also in neighboring EU countries,” he stated. As a listed company and investor, Icecat is eager to contribute to the growth and advancement of NPEX’s tech platform.

About NPEX

Established in 2008, NPEX stands for Nederlandsche Participatie Exchange and is a stock exchange that provides investors with the opportunity to purchase and/or trade shares and bonds of Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The platform holds an MTF license from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and is under the surveillance of both AFM and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).


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